Is a package deliverer required to knock?

December 14, 2016

DERBY, Kan. (KWCH) People across Kansas are concerned because they said delivery drivers aren’t knocking on their doors or ringing the doorbell when dropping off packages.

It has her worried a thief could steal her orders.

“I have a friend that does subcontract work for FedEx, and he said they’re supposed to knock and ring the doorbell,” said Harper.

KWCH reached out to all three companies to find out their exact policy.

UPS did not return our phone calls.

The Post Office said carriers should ring the doorbell or knock, but they said they aren’t required to wait for an answer unless a signature is requested.

FedEx said you can request a ring or a knock, but they wouldn’t answer our question about whether it’s required.

“They can’t be in that big of a hurry,” said Harper. “It doesn’t take that long to knock and ring the doorbell.”

The Postal Service released this statement:

The Postal Service recommends customers provide delivery instructions using or by submitting a written request to the carrier for all packages to be held at the Post Office for pick up. There is sufficient capacity at Post Offices to hold packages for customer pick up. Carriers should ring the doorbell or knock when delivering a package, but they do not wait for an answer unless the sender or receiver requires a signature. The Postal Service is working hard to deliver the best possible service for all customers. If individuals are having a particular service issue, they should contact the Postal Service either by calling 1-800-ASK-USPS or visiting us on our website at .


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173 Comments on "Is a package deliverer required to knock?"

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Carol Lynn Schofield

I don’t. I cannot. My knuckles are arthritic
from door knocking
and doorbell ringing

Carrie Padgett

I use the scanner lol

Mark Pearl

Why wake up a dog or complaining customer

Deb O

Because customers need it and YOUR COMPETITORS DO IT.

Sheri Harrison

What Carol said, plus when we are going at a dead run all day trying to get in under expected return times, we don’t have time

Sheri Harrison

I feel I should elaborate, NO I do not “throw and go”, if its elderly, I knock or ring. I never leave a parcel just sitting in plain sight to be stolen. Many of my customers get daily deliveries, AND are not home when I deliver, because they are working. I know who and when and where to 🙂

Cary Osborne

Retired recently, was on the same route 30 years so I had easy ways to satisfy customers with parcel drop locations from sheds, garages, back porch, behind things, neighbors, relatives, anywhere they wanted, always put my customer needs before following crazy postal regulations.

Anne McGlothlin

I do. Too many theifs out there watching

Taylor Kaitlin Garcia

Funny, USPS releases this statement but I have never once been told/trained to do this.

Angela Mason

“They can’t be in that big of a hurry,” said Harper…… Understatement of the year!! Darling pick a driver any driver for any delivery company at this time of the year and hitch a ride you’ll see the meaning of hurry in a whole new perspective!

Carrie Padgett

they’d have whiplash lol

Deb O

Well, why don’t you stop delivering garbage that is bad for the environment that NO ONE WANTS? Eliminate 3rd class mail, and you wouldn’t have to deliver much of anything. Do you want to provide a service or look for a job?

Doug Barker

“Hail” the customer by horn. Then delivet. No time for anything else.

Doug Barker


Patti D'Haem

Yes, please!

Justin Scott Larsen

I ring and knock. It always bothers me when delivery people just leave it, so I try to give the service I would want with my packages. Besides, how hard is it to ring the bell or give a quick knock?

Jesse Koleszar

I’m the opposite. As a recipient, I just want the package left. My dog barks when someone is near the door. Knocking or ringing the bell is not necessary to me.

Deborah Chopiak Leal

Ditto. 98% of customers have barkers who alert. Ringing/ knocking in my dirtbag area only lets the homeless lurking in the nearby woods know what I left where.

Kelly Mccomsey

And then there’s the 3rd shifter trying to sleep…

Karen Humphrey

Or the baby just put down for a nap!

Deb O

Gee, UPS and FedEx don’t have problems delivering packages to the door. Maybe they could train USPS how to do it well because you absolutely DO NOT.

Mike Dixon

And most delivery confirmations are sent to customer either text or email so in this generation most people are online all day long anyway so let that be their alert!

Kurt Kreiger

I ring….

Dana Saunders Gore

Nope. Stop, drop, and roll. Weather permitting of course. We know who has kids at home, a day care, or dogs in the house. No bad areas on my route.

Deb O

Yeah, baby! Get the job done and SCREW the consumers. It’s not like we have competition. Oh, wait . . . UPS, FedEx. But let’s stop, drop, and roll so people get sick of it and we ALL lose our jobs. The union won’t be too much help if the service folds, and a lot of consumers want it to. Roll while the rollin’ is good, I say. There’s always McDonalds to work for.

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