Oxford family says U.S. Postal carrier excessively sprayed dogs with pepper spray

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September 27, 2017

Holly Jubera came home from church Sunday morning and said hello to her two dogs, giving them a few pats. Within seconds, her eyes started to water and burn and she had no idea why – at first.

And then it hit her.

“I realized someone had pepper-sprayed my dogs,” she told the EAGLE this morning.

Holly and her husband Steve were having lunch at a restaurant after Sunday church service when Steve glanced at his phone and saw a U.S. Postal Service truck pull up into his driveway to deliver packages from Amazon via the couple’s outdoor Nest security camera that sends the feed to his phone.

“He saw them pulling up and we decided to head home but didn’t watch the rest of the video right away,” Holly Jubera said. “When I realized someone sprayed the dogs with pepper spray, we watched the footage from the camera.”

What they saw astonished and enraged them both.

The video shows a mail carrier pulling into the Jubera’s driveway near the garage of their home, as the carriers generally do when dropping off packages. The Jubera’s dog, Colonel — a great Pyrenees, is seen wagging his tag, barking and running alongside the mail truck.

The carrier takes out what appears to be pepper spray and aims at the dog who backs off, shaking its head. The postal carrier also appears to spray the Jubera’s 9-month-old golden retriever, Liberty, several times. The carrier exits the mail truck a few times, eventually setting two packages down, continuing to aim the pepper spray at the dogs. The carrier gets back into the truck and sprays the dogs while inside the truck through the window while the door is shut.

The carrier is then seen getting back out of the truck to pick the packages back up and put them back into the mail truck, aiming the spray at both dogs a few more times before finally driving away.

Jubera took the video footage to the U.S. Post Office in Oxford where she showed it to the general manager who said he didn’t recognize the driver from the video but said he would look into the incident.


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Julie Platt


Joe Nalley

want the carrier to get bit instead?

Kendra Reinhart

How bout leaving a darn 3849? There was absolutely no need for that. ?

Shannon Lee

The dogs weren’t even being aggressive and they are in their own yard!! That was nonsense what he did

Evone Reinert Shupp

Not good on the carriers part. Don’t get out if you are not sure of the dogs!

Mike Douglas

Not to mention, if he was so worried about getting bit why did he get out a second time to retrieve the packages?

Kim Breaux

Ummmm. No. Leave a 3849. You don’t get down with loose visible dogs. Carrier was wrong.

Jacob Ibarra

Shannon Lee you know nothing about dogs


He could have just NOT delivered the packages. He could have set them down by the truck and left. He PURPOSELY kept spraying those dogs. All they were doing were barking. Get a freaking grip!

Shannon Cole


Stacie Garcia

Why are the dogs loose?

Linda Parsons Root

Because they were in there own yard. The owners could have a underground fence in place. People do have these. And postal rules state if there’s a dog you don’t have to deliver, leave a 3949. Also, if you see dogs why put packages on porch,it’s not a secure area with a puppy.


I will play the ass and ask why dogs were loose in yard when no one was home. Don’t care if it was their own yard and they had an invisible fence. All kinds of bad things could have happened to them…and look…something did.

Deb Gober

As a postal carrier, you would be picking those packages up at post office. Carrier should have NEVER have left the truck! Loose dogs no packages!

Kim Breaux


Mike Douglas

He didnt have a seatbelt on and it sounds like the LLV was never shut off before he exited the vehicle. Regardless if deploying the spray was justified or not, if he is in a district like mine (Portland) he will be looking at termination for that alone.

Heather Austin

I agree. That LLV was never shut off!!

Padi Pierce

No parking brake either

Kendra Reinhart

What a freaking a$$hat. That video made my stomach hurt. All he had to do was leave a notice. And spraying from the truck? Come on! I hope he gets fired.

Michele Hulsey Minish

Who was this guy??!! I won’t even comment on the dog spray craziness but OMGosh if I spent that much time at every house with parcels I would never get finished!!!!!

Heather Austin


Denise Sweeten

I thought the same thing. Why did he spend so much time there, and then retrieve the packages he just delivered.

Lisa Ann Cogan

It was a Sunday, so…

Joy Scarborough

Wrong! This guy obviously did not think he was in danger, or he would have closed the door, not exited the vehicle, and left a 3849 instead of apparently misdelivering the parcels and then getting out to retrieve them. It is mean jerks like this that give USPS a bad name. PS, hey stupid, this is 2017, everyone has cameras.

Amber Hunter

Had to be a new sub.

Joy Scarborough

A complete jerk who should not be a mail carrier, regardless. If he hates dogs, don’t work here.

Annettek Davis

WTH? Preemptive pepper spraying? That’s all kinds of ridiculous. And assume someone is always watching you. ?

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