OSHA launches probe into Woodland Hills mail carrier’s death on 117-degree day

Temperatures soared to 117 degrees in Woodland Hills on Friday, surpassing the record of 106 degrees for that day, July 6, that was set in 1976.  (The National Weather Service has kept records there since 1949, according to Keily Delerme, a NWS meteorologist.)

But it is not yet known whether the extreme heat was a factor in Frank’s death. While her autopsy had been completed, the cause of death was deferred pending additional tests, Winter said. Those tests are expected to take between four and six weeks.

OSHA became aware of Frank’s death after the agency was contacted by emergency service personnel, the Department of Labor spokesman said.

OSHA would open an investigation in many situations involving a work-related fatality and when the nature of the fatality is unclear, according to the agency’s website. If a fatality is clearly due to natural causes, the OSHA area office director can forego an investigation.

Employers are obligated to protect employees from any hazardous condition, including potential heat stress, according to the Department of Labor.

“Every year, thousands of workers become sick from occupational heat exposure, and some are fatally injured,” OSHA states on its website. “These illnesses and fatalities are preventable.”

A U.S. Postal Service spokeswoman said earlier this week that carriers deliver mail in “all kinds of weather, including high temperatures.”

“The Postal Service strives to ensure that they have the tools and training to do so safely,” spokeswoman Evelina Ramirez said.

Carriers are reminded daily to stay hydrated throughout their route, wear appropriate clothing, such as hats, and get into the shade whenever and as much as possible, Ramirez said.



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Why don’t they allow us to start earlier. Starting at 8:45 am the heat has already set in. My office just cares about getting the mail out the door no matter what!!


We start at 6:30 on the super hot days, can’t imagine starting that late!


Phoenix, Az area postmaster we wants us to start at 8am. That will put us out in the heat of the day. Haven’t seen a 6:30 start time since I joined the PO 30 years ago

B Kelly

What city & state are you in?


Postal management only cares about one thing. They don’t care about us workers

Joseph Mulzet

Postal management jobs also dont require any experience or education. Theyre given to their relatives or whomever theyre fucking at the moment.

Judy Dycus

OH no…may “push” the clerks to get their sorting done faster and when they get angry, they slow waaayyy down. Been there…am no more. Retired!


Here in NC, we start at 730. We still don’t get out until 10ish.
We drive our own cars though. We use the trucks on Sundays, for Amazon, and those trucks are ridiculous. They get incredibly hot!! Time they put air conditioning in them, and stop with the safety talks.

B Kelly

I’m in Maryland & our mail truck rarely arrives before 8am. On extremely hot days, we’re lucky if it arrives by 10am. So are they really concerned about our health??

ljiljana alic

Nobody is mentioning that we don’t have A/C in our LLV’s. (Postal trucks). That is the worst part.


Im in the northeast. Not as hot as Ca., but the temp of the floor on an LLV was 130 degrees one time I checked. Another hot day , only near 90 degrees the air temp inside was 117 degrees. We sit and “bake” 5 hours every day. A fan on the dash is all we have.Just blows hot air and dirt into your face. P.O. doesnt care about people, just scans and time!

Christina's Bator

You are right Terri ! They want us to get more business for them but there’s no customer service and just keep giving us saftey talks about the heat and then the snow !! Do something !!!Besides telling us the Post Office is broke !!!I’ve got 9 years left to have my 20 in and I’m done !!!

Warwick dawg

Why would that matter park and loops never have time to get cooled off be back on 8


Poster spokeswomen, Evelina Ramirez, “the postal service strives to ensure the tools and training to do the job safety – YOU FUCKING LYING PIECE OF SHIT

Warwick dawg

You go . That it political bullshit she made that statement from her ac office . With her feet up on her desk kicking back eating a taco drinking modelo

Joseph Mulzet

“Lying piece of shit” is standard postal management protocol


Not sure what PO you work at, but you are the lying piece of crap.


Barb – thanks for the comment – I guess every other comments on this subject if you read them makes everybody a lying piece of crap too. It appears they have safety issues too. Tell me how many times do you watch the PMG give her talks and her famous line is “YOUR SAFETY MATTERS” she is another one who talks out of her ass – because her month knows better. I love you too.


Haha, you must be a supervisor.


Barb must be the supervisor – it sure in the hell not me.


They care so much at our office, that they give us pivots during a heatwave, so much for time to take extra breaks, they give us extra work. Two weeks ago during a heatwave management put a new CCA in the back of an LLV (oven), for training. She got so sick they thought they were going to have to call an ambulance for her. I wouldn’t put my dog in the back of an LLV and management put a new employee. Yes they care!!!


I literally left work today because the mcso wanted me to ride in the jump seat on a mounted route. for a 3999.It w 95 degrees and 73% humidity. I told him it was a safety issue. He told me i had to do it. I told him i wouldn’t… he proceeded to tell me I had to. It gave me a panic attack….i told him I was having a medical issue and I was going home, then I walked out.


No help at our office. We’ll be pivoting a route two days this week with temps in the high 90’s. And no early start either. The Postal Service management does not care and it look out for our safety. Lip service when they state otherwise. Intentionally took our help to another office.

Joseph Mulzet

Postal management will walk over your dead corpse to collect their bonus check.


My post office doesn’t provide ice or water, and we don’t clock in until 8:30, when it’s already hot

Joseph Mulzet

As long as management is cool and comfortable in the office, they dont give a fuck if you drop over dead.


For 2 years they have started monitoring our a/c in our building and keeping it at a “cool” 78 in the summer. The problem is 78 is the setting and perfectly acceptable, but we start out hot every day and then get in a hot truck with no air. We’ve filed grievances, safety issues, spoke to HR in our district. The HR lady told me that it’s cooler in the building than it is outside and that should be good enough. The law says they can set the temperature at 78, they put up thermometers all over the building to… Read more »

Judy Dycus

we had fans and they took them away…called it a safety hazard. So happy to me retired now..3 yrs. Had to go early, but I’m making it just fine. Body is worn out though.


U can chk the OSHA WEBSITE, NO higher than 74 no lower than 68


That dont mean anything you call OSHA and they tell you they can’t help unless someone gets injured on the job


The tell us to drink water, but our drinking fountain at our Post Office HASN’T WORKED FOR TWO YEARS. WE HAVE OVER 48 routes.


They read us the riot act on heat safety and injuries and drink plenty of water – also on hot days avoid caffeine. Coffee pot is also on and full and they took the water cooler out because they said it cost too much for bottle water. LIP SERVICE AGAIN Everything is a joke with USPS.


Safety is pure theory at the post office, like respect, dignity, and integrity.

Warwick dawg

That is probably the most honest statement I’ve ever heard I was there 13 years

Joseph Mulzet

They dont give a fuck about their customers or their employees

Warwick dawg

That is postal spokesperson bullshit it’s all about the bottom line . The only time safety is a factor is after an accident . That’s why the post office is involved in a class action suit. The people making the calls were mostly failed carriers that got promoted to higher levels . Or people who blew their way to promotions that never carried mail

Joseph Mulzet

The Postal Service doesnt give a damn about its employees

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