OPM Withdraws Proposed Rule on Health Care Premiums for Some Feds

November 13, 2017

On the eve of open enrollment for 2018, the Office of Personnel Management announced that it is withdrawing a proposed rule that would have required some federal employees to keep paying their health insurance premiums when they are on unpaid leave.

The period during which federal employees can elect to change their insurance package under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program began Monday, and will run until Dec. 11. Last month, OPM announced that feds can expect to contribute an average of 6.1 percent moretoward their premiums in 2018.

In a filing on the Federal Register Nov. 3, OPM cited comments from employees, agencies and federal employee unions as a prime factor in cancelling the rule. Currently, agencies generally pay for the entirety of FEHBP premiums for employees on leave without pay. Employees then repay their portion of the insurance contribution when they return to work.


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