Oklahoma woman alleges letter, check stolen from post office

“The clerk gave me the stamp for it, and he turned around and put it in the bin. So, I didn’t even get to mail it. I just bought a stamp, and he did the rest of it. There’s the mystery. We want to know how it got out of the post office,” she said.

Aware of mail theft, Manful felt dropping it off at the post office was her best option.

“Safest way to do it, buy a stamp and have him do the rest. That’s their job,” she said.

However, that envelope never made it to Delaware.

Instead, the check somehow traveled 20 minutes away to a Bank First, where a mystery woman tried to cash it.

An alert bank teller became suspicious, and the woman ran out.

“He looked through the bank statements and realized we weren’t writing that many checks. That was kind of a red flag for him,” she said.

A theft report has been filed with the United States Postal Service.

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