Oakland rash of mail truck burglaries continues

robbery stencil print on the grunge white brick wall
The U.S. Postal Service tells KTVU  there has been a rash of mail vehicle burglaries while they’re parked in various neighborhoods in Oakland. Mail and packages have been stolen.

A postal inspector says thieves are breaking into the side windows and getting into the postal vehicle to steal.

Mail carriers load up the back of their vehicles and head out to make their deliveries. A source tells KTVU thieves are following postal vans and lie in wait.

“While they’re out delivering mail is when these vehicles are attacked,” says Jeff Fitch, a postal inspector.

He says there have been four such attacks in less than three weeks, from the end of January to mid-February.

The most recent break-in took place along Mandela Parkway, near the Emeryville city line.

“[More] brazen…than just say stealing something off your porch,” says Leza Shallat, a Oakland resident.

Breaking into a postal vehicle and stealing mail is a federal crime. It carries a penalty of up to five years in prison and a maximum fine of $250,000.


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Oakland huh? Say no more.

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