NY postal worker dies after being thrown from, crushed by vehicle

November 20, 2016

GRANBY, N.Y. — A United States Postal Service worker was killed in Oswego County Sunday morning after getting into a crash, the Oswego County Sheriff’s Office announced.

The postal worker was driving north at approximately 11:40 a.m. on Ridge Road when they lost control of their delivery truck on the wet roadways, deputies said.

The delivery truck went off the shoulder on the eastern side of the road and collided with a tree, throwing the postal worker from the vehicle, deputies said.

The truck then overturned, crushing the ejected driver, according to the sheriff’s office. The postal worker was pronounced dead at the scene.

Ridge Road was closed for several hours this morning while authorities with the sheriff’s office, Granby Fire Department, Menter Ambulance and the New York State Police investigated the scene. It has since been reopened.

Authorities have not released the name of the driver, and the investigation is ongoing.

The sheriff’s office asks anyone who may have seen the crash or has information about it to call 349-3411.


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Garrett Cross

Always always always wear your seatbelt in an LLV you’re almost guaranteed to get ejected from any collision without one.

Jacki Strader

Also add in that the door needs to be closed…

Alonda Castelein Tsarnas

Those llv need to go!

Sandi Black

Any vehichle will do this if you fail to wear your seat belt

Alonda Castelein Tsarnas

Will they are still not kept up and r in poor condition!


exactly why you need to be smart… buckle up

Eileen Fletcher

Ya exactly. Today my first truck wouldn’t start. Second truck kept dying driving down the road. Finally the third one got me thru the day.

Linda McCormick

Sending thoughts and prayers to this carriers family and friends. My heart goes out to them .

Leland Grant

even the lap belts on right can allow a driver to be ejected in a frontal crash, now usps managers will claim that carrier was in belt violation and family gets no insurance

Barbara Starr

Sad but true.


Not necessarily true! He may not get the additional payment for wearing his seatblelt, but they can’t deny all payment!
I’m sure this is not his family’S concern att this time!

Kathryn Louise Hobbs

That’s true, no seat beat, no insurance. What a very very sad day for their family. My heart goes out to them.

Treva M Griffith

My thoughts and prayers are with the family

Casandra Cohill

Prayers are with the family

Tim Scallon

Leland Grant, show one flippin ounce of respect once in your life. A fellow carrier DIED, and you sir turn it into an anti-management post within minutes of this being posted.

You sir, are low class.

Michael C Crooms

back off

Tim Scallon

Or what, Michael C Crooms?

Sandra Crawford

God bless the family.

Another carrier

When will the postal service realize that winter weather is very dangerous for us carriers.

Barbara Starr

I think about death everyday as a driver. We risk our lives everyday to deliver the mail. My heart goes out to the family. I wish more customers realized this

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