Nudists upset over USPS carrier who won’t deliver mail inside resort community

HUDSON, Fla. (WFLA) – Nudists who live at Eden RV Resort and City Retreat in Hudson say they are being discriminated against by the U.S. Postal Service.

One postal carrier refuses to deliver mail inside the gates of the resort for fear of seeing naked people, residents say. When they complained to the post office, a manager told them carriers are not required to enter the resort if it offends them.

“It offends me that she does not do her job because if she can’t do her job, then she shouldn’t be having this job,” said Eileen Hudak, who has lived at the resort for 10 years and calls it a “family resort.”

Residents called Better Call Behnken for help getting their mail. They say the regular mail carrier has no problem entering the park, and they receive packages from FedEx and other carriers. But when one female mail carrier fills in – and she does so on a regular basis – they don’t receive packages.

The park has mailboxes outside its gate, but if boxes don’t fit, residents want them delivered either to their residence or the office at the park.

“She marks it undeliverable, whether it fits in the box or it doesn’t, so we don’t get the mail that day. And sometimes the mail is important. Like with our neighbor, medication sometimes. You can’t wait until Monday or Tuesday to go get it.”


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Jim Davis

Just inside the front door.

Tanya Barnett

I will lol

Melissa Nicole Gibson

Me too lol

Cindy L. Foxx

Yeah that would be a no from me.

Sheila Stanard

Yeah I don’t blame her!!! Put up a bigger box.

Maggie Pollaski White

The struggle is real. Seen one nude dude, that was enough.

Stacey Roozing

3849 If it won’t fit in the mail box or parcel box or there are too many. Maybe put up more parcel lockers if you don’t want to go to the post office. We aren’t servants and if there’s any situation we are uncomfortable with we have that right.

Karen Hey-Zeller

I did ? had one on my first rte as rca. Didn’t bother me at all .. it did bother supervisor that had to deliver express ?? car window waist high ?

Mallory Alford Clemmons

Teresa Digsdiertt ??‍♀️

Francine Reilly

Gee wiz get over it and just deliver the mail.

Jennifer Owens Pike

I have a nudists on my route. I just turn my head and go on?

Nancy Clifton

Is this the same person you told me about YEARS ago?? ?

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