Not All Neglect Is Benign

Pity the poor U.S. Postal Service. Not only does it get no respect, it doesn’t even get leaders who might try to fix some of its many ills.

The Postal Service has enough problems without being forced to operate on autopilot. But the fact that it has not a single member currently serving on its board pretty much symbolizes the less-than-benign neglect the mail is getting from federal policymakers.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on the circumstances leading to nine vacant seats on the Postal Service’s governing board. None of former President Obama’s five nominees made it through the Senate approval process – and while there was no shortage of enmity between the president and congressional Republicans in 2016, it was Vermont’s Sen. Bernie Sanders (an independent who is more Democrat than many Democrats) who effectively blocked Obama’s picks. President Trump has nominated three candidates, but even if the Senate gets around to confirming them soon, which is not at all a sure thing, the board needs at least four members to have a quorum for meetings.

In the meantime, some powers have been delegated to the postmaster general and her deputy. But many key operational decisions must remain on hold until enough governors are in place to make them.


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Et-10 Simmons

What dreck. We’re pretty much hosed whether or not these corporate shills make it to the BoG.

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