Newly Constructed Subdivisions being forced to have Cluster Mailboxes

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – The U.S. Postal Service could change the look of subdivisions across the country. It’s requiring developers to build “Cluster Mailboxes” rather than putting a single mailbox outside each home.

In April 2012 The U.S. Postal Service updated its guidelines to specify that centralized delivery is preferred when it comes to new developments. It’s now being enforced. The Huntsville Madison County Builders Association is against the rule.

On its Facebook page the are encouraging their followers to sign an online petition.

Stoneridge Homes CEO Jim Wright said there are pros and cons with the “Cluster Mailboxes”. He said they would be nice for the post office, but they are an inconvenience for homeowners. He also said no one maintains the “Cluster Mailboxes”.

The U.S. Postal Service released the following statement about the new rule:

“The Postal Service is continually working to identify and implement smart business strategies that allow more efficient and economical means of operation, including mail delivery. At roughly $30 billion annually, delivering mail to 156 million delivery points in the United States is the largest, single fixed-cost we incur.  The Postal Service has determined that centralized delivery is the most efficient, cost-effective and safest method of providing service to our customers. The former delivery mode process that allowed residential developers to choose between curb line and cluster box delivery, for new construction, is no longer in place. In April of 2012, the Postal Service modified its guidelines to specify that centralized delivery (communal mailboxes) is the preferred mode of delivery established in the planning stages of a new development.  Local postal officials in Alabama will continue working with all stakeholders, including developers and builders, to ensure a satisfactory resolution to any ongoing delivery mode issues.  Our mission is to provide trusted, affordable, universal service to our customers and centralized delivery allows us to do that.” — Debra Fetterly, USPS Spokesperson, Alabama District


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Ruth Ann Winkle

Yasei Say Lane

Yasei Say Lane

Uh oh!! Probably came from upper management.

Yasei Say Lane

Uh oh!! Probably came from upper management.

Damon Harris

In truth the postal service has no say at all except if the planned community is within city limits

April F. Jackson-Sims

It’s happening all over our county, not I city limits.

Damon Harris

Community’s need to stand up

Kim Allen Liebsch

It’s been going on in Maryland for a couple years now.

Ronald Moore

Post has right to set type of service to be given.

Ronald Moore

Post office

Brittany King

Amanda Borsodi

Amanda Borsodi

Yep, just to screw us over…..?

Carol Cummings

Of course becuz it pays us less then curbside delivery! Can we say working for peanuts!!!!

Brent Russell

It also takes less than a couple minutes to service a 16 cell box. Try hitting 16 curbside boxes in the same amount of time..And that’s only if boxes are less than 25 feet apart, aren’t blocked by parked cars, without getting complaints from customers about your speed.

Cody Bennett

Seriously?? I can do a 60+ home neighborhood in 10 min or less. Put four cluster boxers in the same neighborhood and it will take longer. Each cluster box you have to get out, then turn off your vehicle, curb your wheels, set the brake, unlock the box, put in mail and chunks, lock the box, go deliver the parcels for 10 of the 16 homes in that box, which means turning off the vehicle, curbing the wheels, setting the brake ten more times, then go to the next cluster box and do it all again. Give me curbside all… Read more »

Stephanie Anderson

I agree Cody Bennett cluster boxes will slow me down tremendously.

Mike Dixon

They tried that with a phase 2 of a neighborhood that is on my route and several customers were very upset!Remember talking to one that said he was on the HOA board and he was getting to the bottom of this! Well being that he was a lawyer and read over the covenants of the HOA bylaws it wasn’t stated anywhere in there and mind you the neighborhood was about 75 percent already curbline and the other say 25 were going to cluster? He must have made his voice heard because I only delivered to those boxes for a mere… Read more »

Lisa Erlandson Prater

They look awful and are NOT maintained. I have them on my route and they always look like trash with doors barely hanging and no one wants to take responsibility to fix them.

Maria T Roesch

And we slowly become Canada ?

Susan Bohdiewicz

Can someone tell me who is going to shovel these things when the entire development wants box on post

Kim Allen Liebsch

No one or a Good Samaritan . I have a new community no one shovels them , they plow the snow in front of them 3 foot deep and 4 to five foot from truck to box . 🙁 Occasionally one or two will be shoveled out by a homeowner .

Susan Bohdiewicz

If I were the homeowner I would tell the post office to shovel them .They are the ones who wanted them.

Nikki Perreault Olkovikas

But you still have to deliver parcels to the house …… so most likely everyday you will be driving by all the houses anyway to deliver packages …..

Sherrie Beebe Cichetti

Not if they’re beyond the 1/2 mile rule! They receive a 3849…
I have a whole new huge subdivision that is beyond limits and if pkg. doesn’t fit in the parcel locker they have to come to the PO to retrieve their pkgs…

Nikki Perreault Olkovikas

hmmmm I have a new road but they have actual boxes lined up on the road … not NDCBU so no parcel lockers …. and where do I find the half mile rule ???

Oi veh.

Your PO-603 should be in your case. 🙂

Janet Siegelman

That is a great way for the post office to lose package business.

Rachal Tryon

Nikki it’s in our contract. .5 miles one way.

Oi veh.

Not contract per se. It’s in the PO-603.

Trinna Tuck

I heard if it’s a new road within an existing subdivision, they’ll get curbside delivery.

Josh Rigefsky

Trinna not necessarily, subdivision across the street from my house had been there for years. A couple years back they added another phase to it. Now half of the new stuff is curb side the other half is CBU. On one street about 20% have curb boxes the rest don’t

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