New USPS vice president – Guilfoil to oversee Supply Management

Mark Guilfoil has been named supply management vice president, a position he has held on an acting basis since April.

Guilfoil will manage the organization’s supplier relationships, including more than $12 billion in annual spending. He will report to Chief Financial Officer Joseph Corbett.

Guilfoil previously served as supply management infrastructure manager, a role responsible for providing strategic oversight of purchasing policies, contract compliance and audit response management, among other duties.

Other prior Supply Management assignments include mail and operational equipment portfolio manager.

The appointment was announced this week.

Susan Brownell, who previously served as supply management vice president, retired from USPS earlier this year.

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How many of these guys do I have to carry on my back? Doesn’t any get that there’s to many chiefs and not enough Indians in this organization and they just keep adding more and more!

Wow…. surprised this guy has legitimate degrees from a real university and not some online diploma mill.

Some clown earlier that Maggie Brennan promoted had a PhD from an online diploma mill…. SMH