New redesigned PS Form 3849 goes nationwide on January 21st, 2018

USPS has redesigned PS Form 3849, also known as the notice left form, and renamed it “We ReDeliver for You!”

Postal employees are required to leave this form when they are unable to deliver an item successfully. The redesigned form lists six options customers have to schedule a redelivery.

Here are other highlights:

• Simplified language and colors. The form provides customers with clearer, more accurate instructions and comes in two different colors — peach for regular delivery days and yellow for Sunday deliveries.

• A scannable QR code. The code allows customers to use their smart devices to schedule a redelivery.

• New options. Customers can also use the form to have their redeliveries managed through Informed Delivery, a free feature that allows users to digitally preview their incoming mail and manage their packages from a computer, tablet or mobile device.

• Linked barcodes. Employees can link the package tracking numbers to PS Form 3849, eliminating the need to write article numbers.

• Vertical orientation and self-adhesive features. Carriers can conveniently place the form on a customer’s door or in their mailbox.

• Barcode lookup. Retail associates can scan the form’s barcode with Retail Systems Software and be provided the mailpiece’s product, shape, tracking numbers and the customer’s address.

The “We ReDeliver for You!” form redesign is part of the Postal Service’s ongoing efforts to improve customers’ experiences.

Beginning Jan. 21, the revised forms will be used nationwide.


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Dawn Harris

Oh yay

Jill Amundson

I love the new 3849!

Brandi Nicole

Me too!

Kristen Wolfe

Me too!

Dianne Daley

We got them, I don’t really like them. Office ran out. So we are back to the old ones.

Christie Cox

we’ve been using them. They’re so much better.

Jason Leon Schaefer

Haven’t seen them.

Kendra Pickle

Joanie Harrelson

Stephanie Spindor

Right before mail count. Ugh

Sheila Waldrip

Like that matters. There is very few accountables during mail count in our office anyways.

Joe Niespodzianski

It does matter! Many routes rely on the 4 min for certs! How much will they lose!

Matthew Chavez

These were coming, mail count or not.

Brian Corbin

William Gulley….and there isn’t even a place on them to write the tracking numbers

Brian Corbin

And I’ve learned u can’t peel off pad in office and stick to package cause by time u get there and peel off to stick on door it’s done lost it’s stickiness

It says on the link that the numbers no longer need to be written down by the carrier

Joe Niespodzianski

The scan links the parcle to new 3849, no writing! How much will this effect my count in the future? Could kill my route!

Brian Corbin

Ok so when customers bring in 3849 for packages and there’s some kind of issue with package will clerk be able to get tracking number from computer or pos if customer can’t find tracking #

Robert Fulbright

They will have to scan the sku. May be quicker for them since they won’t have to type out the tracking #.

SueAnne LaFond

The packages can be tracked using the number on the back of the 3849.

Mark Pearl there you go, less time credit for that:(

Brent Russell

Who here honestly relies that much on accountables for a count?

Oi veh.


Just because you don’t doesn’t mean nobody else does. 🙂

Joe Baszkiewicz

Terrible idea. No place to put what type of mail it is. Cert, red, etc

Dianne Daley

Joe Niespodzianski now writing?…you still have to write everything else, name address, pickup time/date, why not delivered… and barcode scan it still on the back. With hands holding scanner, package/letter(s) and a pen….it would be nice if I didn’t have to flip it over to scan the darn thing.

Lynn Hansen

Brent Russell I do. If I get 10-15 a week.

Susan Hamblin-Pomerleau

ugh hate them

Rayma Lynn LePoris

Same here!

Stephanie Warrick-Shattuck

Been using them. Hate them.

Robby Guevara

We’ve been using them, no place to right tracking number, saves a bunch of time not writing those down lol

JoshuaTamera Naylor

I wonder if post office is thinking about starting to deliver packages to addresses with no mail receptical since they developed it for doors also…it would make buisness sense. Not sure how they would pay us for it….8127 or come up with a new address category for mail count….

Renee Johns-Wilkins

They wouldn’t pay us

Sara Stephens

NO mailbox NO delivery unless they going to honestly pay me for that.

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