Neighborhood battles with post office to get its mail

May 18, 2017

GREEN TREE, Pa. – A battle between people in a Carnegie neighborhood and the U.S. Postal Service is boiling over because they’re suddenly not getting their mail.
Channel 11’s Courtney Brennan got a tip from residents in Prestley Heights, between Collier Township and Carnegie, who said their mail is being held hostage at the Green Tree post office.
The Postal Service told Channel 11 that the original builder said there would be centralized mailboxes for this development, but that builder has since left the project. The Postal Service couldn’t say what the catalyst was for stopping mail delivery to these homes, but said they are now working with the new builder to remedy the situation.
Vermeire said a remedy is desperately needed: “A couple people are waiting for prescriptions, somebody’s waiting for an ID card to fill a prescription; like, we need our mail!”
The Postal Service told Channel 11 the developer is going to put in a centralized mailbox, and mail delivery should start again within a few days.


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17 Comments on "Neighborhood battles with post office to get its mail"

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April Brown Graham

They should be angry with the builder and not the post office. Even if they were in an area with curb side delivery it’s not the post office that puts in your mailbox.

Kendra Sutton Price

In the office I carry mail in, the district decided that all new construction would have cbu’s. It was the post office that made this decision. One of the subdivisions I deliver put up mailboxes and the post office made them take them down and put up lock boxes. I filed a grievance and lost.

April Brown Graham


Blake Burress

People are to stupid to figure that out though

Kathy Williams Marlow

But doesn’t the post office tell the builder if the homes get curbside or CBU’s?
In our district its mandated no more curb delivery

Shane Baxter

You must pay for service. If its the builder of the community or private home. You pay more for curb side delivery and then depending if the post office or the builder will provided the box.

Chris Loggins

Shane that’s not right. Post office is making these neighborhoods do this they have no choice.

Gerry Nance

it’s nation wide..people need to fight!!!

Dawn Harris

They could have always went to the office to pick it up until it was settled….not holding the mail hostage….smh

Harriet Lyons


Nicole Blasko

The BUILDER is responsible. Responsible for pouring down the slab, not the USPS. And it might not be a Convenience but you could always pick up your mail from the post office. Hostage my butt. They need to blame the right party responsible for them not getting their mail. Smh.

Brad Edwards

All you have to do is have residents claim Hardship and mail will be delivered to the door They have to fill out paperwork take it to their doctor to approve and the Post Office has to abide to this .

Roxy Murphy

You really think all these people are elderly and living alone? That’s what criteria they have to meet to get a hardship…

Ray Timberlake

That CBU in picture is a USPS supplied, they put 3 up on my route, they contracted to pour the concrete and placed the CBU’s on it, I talked township trustee into building a fence to act as a windbreak. some customers tried putting up own mailbox but PO refused to allow deviation, they were told to place place mailbox on already traveled road or they could use NDCBU.

Bill Freeman

They are getting ridiculous on their rules, pretty soon you won’t be able to do your job .

Bill Freeman

I hurt my hand when I opened a mailbox, and the supervisor said ,that I was doing an unsafe by opening it . I guess I’m supposed to just throw it on the ground because doing my job is unsafe.???

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