Nearly 300 mail carriers in Richmond, VA join lawsuit against USPS over time card manipulation

February 15, 2017

Lawyers filed a collective action complaint with about 40 plaintiffs in federal court on Monday. It claims Post Office management “required…mail carriers to work ‘off the clock’ without compensation in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.”

It further claims that employee time cards “have been deleted and/or altered by supervisors and management to reduce the total number of recorded hours worked and paid in a given day and/or week.” All, the suit claims, to avoid the expense of overtime.

It claims management received bonuses as an incentive to keep overtime low and that the USPS has cut staffing and labor costs by $10 billion over the past decade.

This filing is actually a companion lawsuit to one filed last month in Federal court claiming the same things, except it specifically targets the Richmond main post office on Brook Road. That’s where the allegations first surfaced with 21-year-old letter carrier Shekeera Greene.

“If you work hard, you want all of your money. Not some of it, all of it,” Greene said in a previous interview.

She stumbled on the alleged time card tampering while filing a workers’ comp claim after being injured on the job. She realized some of her clock out times had been changed.

“Who would treat their employees like that? Honestly, who would treat their employees like that?” Greene said.

It sparked an investigation by the Office of the Inspector General which, the suit says, resulted in back pay payments to 99 current and former main office mail carriers, as well as the suspension or separation of multiple supervisors, Customer Service Manager and Postmaster.

The lawsuit filed two days ago expands the scope of those who were affected by the alleged time card tampering. It includes upwards of 300 additional current and former mail carriers at more than a dozen locations throughout metro Richmond. It also calls for time cards to be examined going back three years and for workers to be paid double for any identified infractions, as provided by law.


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15 Comments on "Nearly 300 mail carriers in Richmond, VA join lawsuit against USPS over time card manipulation"

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Lu Ar

How do we start a lawsuit in Las Vegas, NV?

Nikki Fleming

How can other offices get involved with this??

Aaron LaFollette

Imagine that… Now, about the Rural Carrier mail count standards….

Marc Carlson

Um this was decided in Arbitration years ago

Aaron LaFollette

Then they can keep the “48k” I resigned from as an RCA… 9.6 hours per day, took me 12-14 hours a day and I’m not slow. My replacement couldn’t finish the route solo for 6 months… and they never took a thing off me.

Shannon Pyles

Wow sad, at least there getting double as back pay! “When” they fix it

Debra Luetkemeier

Get em!!!!!

Gary Maher

They falsify time cards everyday making people put down a lunch even if they don’t take one

Teri Slavik

I work for free every day.

Linda Forystek


Tammy Kelley Ogg

If we wouldn’t have called them out at the time this absolutely would have been us….smh. Obviously it came from upper management everywhere .

Leland Grant

and as long as national refuses to sue the usps in federal court to remove the unfair and slavery like conditions imposed by the evaluated system, you will work for free a lot————————————-, letter carriers and clerks and mail handlers all get paid for every second they work, and the ones who get cheated sue in court with 2 large suits filed in the east in the last 30 days , this will get some managers fired and send a s**t storm thru the rest for a while,

Gena Arney

Goes on everywhere


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