NALC: Trump administration’s 2019 budget targets letter carriers and their families

Yesterday, the Trump administration released its Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 budget proposal. If enacted, the budget (outlined in a document called “Efficient, Effective, Accountable – An American Budget”) would add at least $7.1 trillion to the federal debt over the next decade, even while it calls for the same job-killing delivery service cuts to the U.S. Postal Service that last year’s budget proposal did. Additionally, it calls for massive federal spending reductions over ten years, including major cuts to federal and postal employee benefit programs, and a federal pay freeze starting in 2019.

Although, Congress is still working out the appropriation bills for the current 2018 fiscal year (following last week’s bipartisan deal on budget caps, see the March issue of The Postal Record), the process for next year’s budget begins with the annual submission of the president’s budget. The administration’s budget blueprint is not binding, but it does signal to Congress which policies are advocated by the president.

While breaking campaign promises by calling for massive cuts to Medicare ($554 billion) and Medicaid ($250 billion) over 10 years, the administration’s new budget also calls for gutting the Affordable Care Act and aims direct attacks on federal and postal employees and their agencies.

“The chickens are coming home to roost from last year’s reckless tax cuts, which increased the federal budget deficit to more than $1 trillion this year,” NALC President Fredric Rolando said. “The administration is once again targeting the Postal Service for service reductions and calling for pension and health insurance cuts for postal and federal employees – all to pay for last year’s corporate tax giveaways. These proposals are outrageous and we will resist them with all our might.”

A summary of the budget’s attacks on federal retirement, Federal Employees Health Benefit Program health insurance, the Postal Service and the Labor Department shows that the Trump budget would cost letter carriers and their families thousands of dollars annually – more than wiping out any tax savings provided to us by the temporary middle-class tax cuts enacted in 2017.

“In the weeks ahead, we will work with allies in both parties to fight these proposals,” Rolando said.


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Letitia Parzych

I get it, you are very liberal and every article on here towards politics is republican bad, democrats good. But the least you could do as a site admin is actually place fair, real articles that have real facts and evidence to the facts not just hearsay based on someone’s personal views. Especially when it comes to others livelihood, this bs fear monger crap is old.
How about focus on the fact that our horrible union agreed to a lot of this years mail count rule changes that greatly screw the carrier over.

William Whitehead

You better wake up!!!! Republicans have been trying this for years. It is not fear mongering as you put it. Don’t rely on anyone’s opinion READ THE LEGISLATION. This would have been passed last year if not for 4 republicans and ALL Democrats in Congress. Taken out at the last minute. Do some tesearch!!!!!!

John Cillo

Just yesterday he was saying that he wanted to redo the food stamp program to include food delivery. Assuming that we’re going to deliver this food, he’s actually helping, not hurting our craft.

Veronica Danielson
Ezequiel Hernandez

Yes you get to work harder for less benefits. Great idea.

John Cillo

I fail to see how this would make my benefits go down. As far as working harder goes, it’s work. It’s what we already do everyday. If you find it hard, maybe you need to retire.

Tanya Carey Stackhouse

Rick Stackhouse

Rebecca Jones

Same proposals the last president wanted

Cathy Urroz Calzada

Ashley Lopez

Veronica Danielson

He proposes it will be up to each state how to distribute the food

Rick Cooper

When I read an article and let words like ” if, when, Congress working it out I say nothing is set in stone. Now when they say on this date this will happen that’s when I will believe it.

Colleen Daves

The Post Office is BLEEDING DOLLARS, because of POOR management, poor service, workers comp fraud, and the list goes on.

Paulita Bushee'

All I can say is when your city is shut down do to weather and you still go bust your hump to get your junk mail delivered why don’t you come and ride with one of us and believe we earn every penny we get

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