More clarification on Veterans’ Day holiday post office schedule

October 19, 2017

There has been some confusion about when the Postal Service will observe the holiday because it has a six “business” day week. For clarification, USPS Retail and Delivery will be closed on Saturday, November 11, 2017. It will be business as usual on Friday, November 10, 2017.

In a letter to the APWU the Postal Service writes:

“In an effort to ensure clarity regarding the upcoming holiday, please note that in observance of the holiday the Postal Service will not conduct normal mail delivery or retail operations on Veterans’ Day (Saturday, November 11). Package delivery will be performed on November 11-12.”

Regular Employees with Saturday as their normal workday will observe the holiday on Saturday. Employees with Saturday as their scheduled off day, will observe Friday as their holiday. Those employees with Friday and Saturday as their scheduled off days, will observe Thursday as their holiday. Lastly, in accordance with Article 11.8.B of the CBA, Postal Support Employees will receive holiday pay for Saturday, November 11, 2017.


 PDF (189.74 KB)


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Melinda Lay Smith

So this is accurate? Post offices will be closed Sat. Nov. 11? Maybe Postmaster will get an email lol.. because our PM keeps telling us we will be closed Friday Nov. 10 and work Sat.. Nov. 11

Cliff Lawless

Pretty sure this is correct. No delivery on Sat and those with Sat as day off will be off Fri.

Brandon 'Robs' Robertson

I’m a J route so that’s my work Sat so my holiday is that day..everyone else on K get 2 Days

Mitzi Groce

Brandon ‘Robs’ Robertson No. If your day off is Saturday- you get Friday off

Kelly Mccomsey

If my off day is Saturday, I get Friday off. But I am working Friday. How do I get paid?

Ruth Porter

You get holiday pay…and straight pay…!!$$$$nice…

Paula Biggie

I don’t remember the code, but you get straight time and holiday pay. No x day or overtime… pretty much double pay

Kim Sudberry Collins

Paula Biggie code v

Kelly Mccomsey

Paula Biggie ty

Missi Blue

Earlene N John Garland
Elaine Giglio

its going to be more confusing as all the Government offices will be closed on Friday and the Post office will be open.

Nicole Ratliff Goist

Heather Beasley Freundner

Heather Beasley Freundner


Julie-Juju Thomas-Ebarb

Since when did they change the rules it’s not suppose to work that way on a holiday that is on the weekend its either observed the day before on fri if the holiday is on sat or the day after if it’s on Sunday it’s observed on Monday that’s the way it’s always been so I guess when Christmas falls on sat then we’ll be working on Friday no observance and when it falls on Sunday will be working on Monday no observance day who changed the rules

Tammy Gidney

As long as a holiday falls Monday thru Sat. It is observed on that day. The only confusion is when it falls on a Sunday. It hasn’t changed in the 24 years I have been at the post office.


Very confusing as it specifically states in the contract that holidays falling on Sunday will be observed on Monday and those that fall on Saturday will be observed on Friday. Just read it in article 11yesterday.

Amanda Gallant

Stephanie Kennamer Howse Marcus Bradley Joanna DeAtley Angelica Selvage Kody McCaulley Anthony Guffey because it confused the hell out of me lol

Kody McCaulley

So we’re off? Didn’t think it’d be like that

Amanda Gallant

It sounds like we’ll be running Amazon but otherwise yes

Kody McCaulley

That means Monday will be awful lol

Marcus Bradley

Will we have to work Amazon Sat and Sun

Robyn Blevins Wright

Veterans day is not one of the 6 holidays for PSE’S. BUT, it should be.

Gerry Nance

OMG!!!! I’m so embarrassed to be a postal service employee!

Kathy Hovatter


Gerry Nance

Kathy Hovatter this discussion about Veterans Day! Over and over.. this is not the first time a holiday has fallen in a Saturday!

Joe Kavanaugh

Rock Hill PO 12775 NY will be having a Passport event Sat 11 Nov 2017

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