MO Postal employee dead from self-inflicted gunshot wound, following stand-off and hostages released

July 9, 2017

ROLLA, MO – A five hour stand-off has ended in Rolla, Missouri.  The Rolla Police Department along with the Missouri State Highway Patrol had been in a stand-off with postal employee at the Rolla Post Office located on West 8th street.  Around 6:30 pm officers entered the Post Office and found the gunman dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The incident started around 1:30 pm Sunday afternoon when an armed postal employee took 3 co-workers hostages after finishing his delivery route.

Police had deployed a tactical unit and a negotiator to the scene.

The Chief of Police Sean Fagan told Fox 2 that the suspect has been called a very good employee by his supervisor, and had no known issues at work.  The chief also said there is no known motive for taking his co-workers hostage or why he had a handgun.  But during his conversations with the police he threatened to commit suicide.

Chief Fagan did say they were able to negotiate the release of the workers when a postal worker in the building called 911.

The area around the post office had been cordoned off to the public

Police are advising residents to avoid the area as they continue their investigation.


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Elizabeth Kneeburg

Anybody surprised?

Shaun Haase

Yes I am.

Jim Davis

Nope. ….. well, surprised it hasn’t cranked up like it did in the 70’s.

Tina Tucker-Phelps

Nope …sad

Shani Kin

Why ask that question? You don’t know the circumstances surrounding the situation. Your comment sounds like you know about the whole story here. How about wait until the investigation is completed before making such a cimment.


Because they’re Postal employees and understand the atmosphere of bullying & intimidation many deal with everyday! That’s why they’re not surprised!

Charlie Masterson Providence PD&C

Years ago I asked my dad about the double shooting, that happened in th 90’s , Dad are you shocked by this? His answer “not in the least ” surprised it has mot happened sooner !
Twelve year’s under my belt and now I feel the same way!

Caroline Parker

The story wouldn’t download for me but I have to agree Shani Kin. What if a family member is reading all these comments. Be respectful to them please.

Michaela Paul

I hate this so much 🙁

Stacie Amarello

Shannon Henslee

Janis Casey-Smith

I’m not even surprised

Stacie Amarello

Just crazy

Janis Casey-Smith

The whole place is going to shit.

Harley Smith

You postal workers are fuckin nuts!

Sherry J

Postal workers are not “nuts”.
They are bullied, threatened, and pushed over their limits by management.

Joseph A. Della Ferra

Harley Smith, Sherry J. is right. Please read my comment above. I was a letter carrier for 22 years until I was wrongfully fired. I am not “nuts.” I am a teacher today!

Steven Hernandez

Two words… #SundayDelivery

Shani Kin


Carol Taylor Cook

They said he had finished his route. That wouldn’t be Amazon. WTF

Tracy Hopkins Sharp

So sad … they had to have seen something

Shani Kin

read the article again.

Tabitha Gray

Bonnie Hickson

Christopher Paradise

The reason could have been anything.

Shelly Freed Whitnah


Randi Rainwater

Gail Rainwater

Gail Rainwater

I saw this, ??

Lu Jasperson

The PO has resources to employees who need help- why aren’t they being used?

Diana Gaither

Depression is a horrible monster! It makes you feel like no one can understand or help you. Most severely depressed people dont realize they can get help. If youve never been there you will never know the pain……

Meta Bonnell

I used EAP after my husband’s stroke. Had to find someone to talk to who had evening hours because the PO wouldn’t let me have any appointments on the clock. Yes, they pay for a certain number of appointments, but they don’t make it easy to deal with the system.


you’re allowed the first EAP meeting on the clock, I was told that by an EAP rep and was allowed to do it once.

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