MARBLEHEAD — A man driving a United States Postal Service truck was arrested after a hit and run motor vehicle crash.

Michael Grimes, 60, of 323 Maple St., Middleton, struck another vehicle, mirror to mirror, and took off. He was charged with use of a motor vehicle without authority, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, and leaving the scene of property damage.

An unidentified man called in to the Marblehead Police Department at 4:55 p.m. and said a USPS truck struck his vehicle, broke the mirror, and drove off, according to police reports. The caller said he followed the truck in hopes of getting him to stop but the operator was driving down the middle of the road and speeding.

Responding officers arrived to Anderson Street behind Wick’s parking lot and caught up to the postal truck, according to the report. The USPS truck driver told officers he was trying to avoid a squirrel and said it was “BS he was speeding and driving down the middle of the street.”

According to Lt. Dave Ostrovitz, the officers tried to get in touch with Grimes’ supervisor, who said it was not within his job function to be driving a USPS vehicle. Grimes was then apprehended with bail set at $40 to ensure he would attend his arraignment on Thursday.

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