Man that tries setting postal truck on fire said he just felt like burning a vehicle

March 17, 2017

Giovanni Jose May, 23, walked into the Milford Police Department shortly after 3:30 a.m. March 8 and allegedly told police he tried to burn a postal truck with a lighter fluid-soaked ankle sock.

According to a police report, May said he stuffed the sock into the opening of the truck’s gas tank 5-8 minutes earlier, lit it and waited for an explosion. After the sock broke off and burned on the ground, the Milford man walked next door to the police department.

May was arraigned March 9 in 52/1 District Court before Magistrate Michael Batchik on a felony charge of attempted arson. He’s currently in the Oakland County jail.

He allegedly told police he initially considered setting a police car on fire but decided the postal vehicle might also spark other nearby trucks, causing a chain reaction. Police say the suspect also told them he wanted to go to jail,  and that he knew setting a postal truck on fire would be a federal offense.

Police reportedly recovered a sock and melted gas cap at the scene.

“He said he has nothing against the post office and he just felt like burning a vehicle,” the report stated.

But police also say that during an interview with a detective May allegedly said voices in his head may or may not have triggered his actions. According to the report, he told the detective that the idea popped up and he started searching for bomb-making instructions on his phone.


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Leland Grant


Amanda Naef

He can burn mine. Save the PO some money in the long run.

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