Man tried to kill postal worker by ramming her truck at 80 mph

It allegedly happened last Wednesday, May 8, at around 10:53 a.m. in Hoyt Lakes, where witnesses saw a brand new, 3/4 ton pickup hurtling down Dorchester Drive.

Witnesses said they heard the pickup traveling at “pedal to the floor” speed, with one person estimating it was going 80 mph as it rammed into the mail truck from behind.

As the USPS employee was being attended to by witnesses, Birt was “yelling and ranting” in a field, and became uncooperative when approached by police officers, saying he needed to be tasered.

It required four officers to take him into custody.

When later interviewed by police, Birt said he was upset with the U.S. Postal Service and knew that somebody was in the truck he’d rammed.

When asked if he remembered anything about the crash later in a hospital, he said: “Yeah, I killed that [expletive] useless mail carrier.”

When told that the postal worker didn’t die, he said: “Well, someone should.”

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One guess on who I think the “someone should die” should be?

Certainly, there has to be more to this story…