Man records video of postal clerk throwing packages in Fort Worth

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The video shows two unidentified employees behind the front counter, with one of them using some muscle to throw packages, boxes and other mail into far away mail bins.

“I was thinking, ‘Man, some of those boxes may have breakable things in it,” said Reddish. “She didn’t look at all happy.”

Reddish’s Facebook post is going viral, notching thousands of views in the past couple of days. Most of the viewers aren’t too impressed with what they see.

Neither was the USPS, which issued a statement:

“A mishandled package is unacceptable and does not reflect the careful efforts of the thousands of professional, dedicated employees in our workforce. We were disappointed to see the actions of the clerk in the video and apologize for any inconvenience. The Postal Service is investigating the matter and will follow up to reaffirm existing guidelines governing how to correctly handle mail and packages.”


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David Andrew

If only they saw what happens behind those walls ?

Denise Sutton

Amen to that! & you better not get in the way ( between clerks and hampers) cause you will get hit ! Only thing customer dont know is, we arent allowed to video the chaos. Lol

Karen B Hart

Ha!! They have no clue what really goes on at the plants and in the offices!! ??

Lisa Jean

No to the throw

Paul M Yeckering

That’s why they call it throwing parcels.

Charlina Cricket Phillips-Johnson

It didn’t say fragile. So throw it go

Bel Papiyon

The only people who get in trouble for throwing packages are the carriers. Why? I have no clue. They are thrown from the minute you mail it to the minute it’s given to the carrier.

Linda Jean

Not in our PO !

Bel Papiyon
Jamie N Laura Henry

Is this really fragile?????? Lets find out.

Sheila Waldrip

O dear gawd!! She threw that package like a beast. (Sarcasm)
If your shipment is fragile then it better say it in big bold letters. This is a package center and this is how it goes. Package your stuff correctly and all is well. If not I suggest you insure your items.

Noah Andrew Treviño

And put DO NOT FOLD in front if you don’t want us to fold/bend it. Don’t know how many times i’ve seen pictures and diplomas without that.

Maurie Powell

Do they not realize how the system would shut down if we walked every…single…parcel…?!

Noah Andrew Treviño

Then it would really be considered snail mail. Lol

Deborah Marie Clark

Looks normal to me

Amy J

me too!

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