Mail Truck Thefts More Than Triple in San Jose

U.S. Postal Service inspectors are warning people about a spike in mail thefts from postal trucks in San Jose.

There was a string of break-ins last summer, but the problem has escalated, officials say.

The latest theft occurred on Impala Drive in San Jose last Thursday. Postal inspectors say the number of postal truck break-ins in San Jose has tripled compared to last year.

As resident Reed Kappen checked the mailbox at his home, he’s more concerned about what didn’t arrive than what did. Kappen lives just a few blocks away from where someone broke into a mail truck on Nov. 21.

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Just one of those Sanctury cities

Who’d want a ticking fire bomb? Won’t they be surprised when the darn things ignite.

nothing cooler than cruising thru the hood in an LLV

Can’t see how you can be inconspicuous with the LLV

A cop on a tricycle could catch any of ours