More Mail on Saturday? There’s a Reason for That

February 18, 2017

If you think your mailbox is fuller on Saturdays than it used to be, it’s not your imagination.

During the past year, the U.S. Postal Service made operational challenges that cause some letters to be delivered on Saturday even though they don’t have to be delivered until the following week.

“When feasible, based on local operating conditions, the Postal Service advances Standard Mail [letters] scheduled for Monday and Tuesday delivery into a processing window that enables delivery on Saturday, which is generally the lightest delivery day of the week,” the USPS told the Postal Regulatory Commission yesterday (PDF, page 5).


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71 Comments on "More Mail on Saturday? There’s a Reason for That"

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Robby Guevara

And all 3rd class flats on Monday for some reason, and barely any the rest of the week.

Tj Rife

Not only do we work every Sat now we get more mail on Sat. really smart.

Steven Hernandez

Not this Saturday…got done before 2pm

Carol Lynn Schofield

Lucky you

Linda Miller Anthony

Saturday is “generally the lightest delivery day of the week”?????? Not here!

Mason Brown

Not in my office either. Saturday is typically second only to Monday.

Sherry Holcomb

Same here

Aaron LaFollette

Not the case in either office I’ve worked in. I could’ve sworn it was to bury the subs… how does a 4 foot tall stack of U-Line catalogs hit on Saturday every d**n time?!

Stacy Auten

Not for Years.

Jason Croshaw

Lightest day of the week is Tuesday or Wednesday. Definitely not Saturday.

Aaron LaFollette

Thursday seems the lightest here these days.

Dennis Heim

Saturday in the new Monday! Bunch of BS! It’s not just letters that are doubled from the rest of the week. It’s seems like they hold all the magazines all week and dump them all on us on Saturday.

Donna Chavez James

Aaron Ben Orozco

Dave Peltz

They know everybody wants to run and go home on a Saturday….

Oj N Amy Nelson

Jennifer Acosta
Brittani Loren Acosta

Jason McAlister

Thursday is our light day.

Aaron LaFollette

Here too.

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