Mail inspectors are finding drugs in 880 percent more packages this year

January 11, 2018

United States Postal Service inspections are finding more drugs in parcels than ever before, according to USPS spokesman David Van Allen. Between 2016 and 2017, the Postal Inspection Service found drugs in 375 percent more international packages and 880 percent more domestic packages.

Their contents are more dangerous, too.

“The purity of the fentanyl that we’re seeing in the express consignment and the mail facilities is closer to 97-98 percent purity, which means it’s that much more lethal,” Chicago-area director of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Matt Davis said.

Davis said inspectors work as hard as they can to prevent these substances from making it through the system undetected, but the problem is threefold: Technology, funds and manpower are all lacking.

“When you’re dealing with millions of packages — and I couldn’t even tell you how many post offices are in the Tri-State area — we do our best,” Reagan said. “There’s just so many avenues and opportunities for these groups to use our own systems against us, and they do.”


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Jim Davis

Lol it’s all those Trump haters trying to cope. ?

Veronica Danielson

Hilarious! My side hurts!

Teri Slavik

Seriously have to put a political spin on it? ?‍♀️

Jim Davis

Yup. What’s wrong? No sense of humor?

Stacy Wilson-Robinson


Bruce Genung

more like Trump lovers too stoned to see how bad he is!

Ian Watosky

What a waste of time and resources. If it isn’t gonna hurt me when I touch it I don’t really care if people make a choice to hurt themselves.

Stacy Wilson-Robinson

THEY’RE DYING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ian Watosky

And seizing drugs out of the mail makes barely a scratch in supply. But the effort is going to be wasteful and maje our jobs harder and if someone wants acid or pot of coke or whatever else then they are more than welcome to make that (arguably) detrimental choice as far as I’m concerned.

Rose Soares

Heather Bower

Heather Bower

My head still hurts ?

Elaine Giglio

maybe the best answer is to end the war on drugs

Sonya Snyder

What is the proper procedure for the pm to follow when carriers fund drugs?

Sonya Snyder


Brent N Stacy Auten

Report to postal inspectors

Diane Ball-Boulden

I had a customer that was getting drugs from Canada for almost a year, I had no idea until I was called in the office and there were 3 postal inspectors standing there. I was only allowed to do most of my route, then I had to wait at a nearby shopping center until one of them went out and delivered it, it had to be signed for, and they had him in handcuffs when I finally was able to finish that part of the route. ?

Dina Delavega

Samantha Jorgensen

Nancy Watson-Leavens

As long as we get counted for it

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