Mail delivery stops for street after residents of one house cause problem

October 11, 2017

NORTHGLENN, Colo. — No mail, no delivery, nothing from the U.S. Postal Service. That’s the reality for a Northglenn neighborhood after an entire street was cut off from deliveries.

“We just feel stuck,” Brianna Johnston said. “We don’t get mail anymore, delivered to our homes. The entire street doesn’t.”

There are dozens of empty boxes along the Clarkson Street cul-de-sac, but only one house is to blame for the problem.

The USPS says that house is where one of its carriers was threatened multiple times.

One neighbor said she saw the whole thing.

“They just started threatening her, saying don’t ever show up here again, we’ll kill you, and called her the ‘c’ word, the ‘b’ word, threw f- bombs,” resident Kelly Bott said.

It’s policy for the agency to protect its own, and that’s why the carrier no longer delivers to that street.

Now neighbors are forced to pick up their mail at the nearest post office.


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Wade Fulmer

I have a couple of streets on my rt yhat we jave never felivered yo due to well known drug problems….not even express…

Jacob Ibarra

* to

Wade Fulmer

Lol big fingers and little phone dont always mix…

Sharon Cox-Neal

Elizabeth Parsons did you know it was “policy “ to protect one of their own?! ??

Elizabeth Parsons

No I did not !!!!! ?

Sharon Cox-Neal

bet this was city not rural!!

Julie Aguilar


Brandon Barnett


Becky Ryan

What is the rest of the story? Why was the person so irate?

Laura Atzinger Klingman

Had a similar situation. The postal inspectors suspended delivery after an investigation. Yes they protected their own

Joy Scarborough

That is exactly how it should be, if your manager has a spine. I had to call the postal inspectors myself because my worthless manager refused. The postal inspector had a little chat with my threatening customer, they asked me if I minded delivering their mail, which I did not mind, I just wanted them to leave me alone and stop interfering with my job. The postal inspector told them to never have contact with me again, no speaking, no gestures, no dirty looks, no notes. They told me to call them if they ever bothered me again. The customer… Read more »

Michael Waite

That’s how you do it. Take no shit

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