Mail carriers in Baton Rouge fired for dumping mail in trash, failing to deliver; federal probe underway

The U.S. Postal Service is investigating ongoing problems with mail service at the southeast postal station on Bennington Avenue, including mail carriers discarding residents’ mail in trash cans and returning to the station with undelivered stacks of mail.

According to U.S. Rep. Garret Graves, both USPS headquarters in Washington D.C. and the regional office in Florida that oversees the Baton Rouge area are aware of the problem and that several employees of the Bennington station, including letter carriers, have in recent days been fired.

“This is not over,” Graves says. “There are ongoing investigations about ongoing problems and activities.”

He also says mail carriers will begin seven-day delivery service this week to make up for weeks of problems that intensified when the busy holiday mailing season began in early December.

“They’ll be going to seven-day delivery until they catch up and break the backlog in affected areas,” he says.

The Bennington station services the 70808 ZIP code in south Baton Rouge, which includes areas around the LSU lakes, University Gardens, Southdowns and Kenilworth. Graves says the worst problems have been in University Gardens, where some residents didn’t receive any mail at all last week.


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