Mail carriers accuse USPS of faking Amazon delivery records so customers don’t get free stuff

November 16, 2017


Getting an Amazon package after it’s due may come with a silver lining.

CBS46 is uncovering how post offices in every corner of metro Atlanta are running behind schedule on deliveries, and if you’re expecting to get something important in the mail, it’s frustrating.

But, what if your late mail could help you get something for free?

If you order a package through Amazon Prime and it doesn’t come by 8 p.m. on the day it’s due, a former mail carrier tells us customers get secret perks.

“Amazon is supposed to give you a month of free prime,” says the former carrier.

The woman who left her job at the post office earlier this year asked us not to reveal her identity, because postal workers sign forms promising never to talk to the media.

She told CBS46 her former supervisors at the post office gave her specific instructions to misrepresent delivery times because, she says, they know what’s at stake if Amazon packages are late.

“At 7:15, whatever you have not delivered, pull your truck over to the side of the road and scan every single one of your amazon packages. We cannot have late packages because that will jeopardize our contract with Amazon,” said the former mail carrier.

CBS46 drove around and found a current mail carrier working in a different county who attested to the claims. She also asked to be kept anonymous.

“Basically, we have to falsify the timing, and a lot of carriers don’t want to do that, but we’re mandated to with a direct order,” she said.


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56 Comments on "Mail carriers accuse USPS of faking Amazon delivery records so customers don’t get free stuff"

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Nancy Uhde

Never signed a form promising to never talk to media either.. Who is this mysterious carrier?

Jim Toy

Management wouldn’t do that! 😂😂😂

Vickie Hembree

We have never been asked to do that in our office but I did get a letter from the post office today warning us of falsification of time and scans

Anna Frisbie Richards

I was wondering what the purpose of our letter was….now I know.

Renae Hanson Miller

I call BS!

John Martin

I call bs. It tells the customer when it arrives after the scan and where it was put.

Amanda Micka

This happens but not so customers get free stuff, it’s so the numbers look good for the PO and now it’s back firing on them. I would never falsify, that’s a disservice to my customers!

Rachal Kortendick

I have never heard if this. I have had ontrac deliver Amazon packages to me at 11pm

Jay Wooldridge

Marci Roberts

Jay Wooldridge

Goes hand in hand w that letter we got…

Marci Roberts

Jay Wooldridge I’m hearing some scuttlebutt about delayed mail in our district too.

Jon Robinson


Brittany Gandy

Jennifer Beard

Jennifer Beard

I haven’t heard of this going on? You?

Brittany Gandy

Nope, not at all!

Jennifer Beard

Brittany Gandy sarcasm?

Brittany Gandy

Absolutely not!! 😂

Jennifer Beard

Brittany Gandy to be honest I’m glad there are things we seem to be doing right!

Brittany Gandy

You don’t remeber that meeting we had about we can’t be delivering packages after 8pm bc it’s a new thing with amazon?? That may have been when you were out.

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