Mail carrier gig ‘not as easy as it looks

January 5, 2018

BRISTOL, Tenn. — I thought being a mail carrier would be a pretty simple gig — put the letter in the mailbox, walk to the next house, repeat.

As it turns out, there’s a lot more to delivering mail.

“It’s not as easy as it looks,” USPS mail carrier Adam Neal said Thursday. “There’s a lot of stuff that people don’t realize we do every day.”

Neal begins around 7:30 a.m. at the Bristol, Tennessee, post office. The first item on the agenda — sort the mail.

After all the coupons, magazines and letters are sorted using sorting cabinets, the mail is loaded onto the LLV, long life vehicle, or mail truck to you and me.

Step two: making sure the truck is good to go.

“I spend about an hour at the office making sure everything is ready to go,” Neal said. “I’ll then start my route around 9 a.m.”

Step three: deliver the mail.

On a typical day, Neal delivers “thousands” of pieces of mail at stops in the Twin City. While walking just one block of Alabama Street in Bristol, Tennessee, on Thursday, Neal put mail in more than a dozen boxes.


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Barbara Ann Watkins

Summer Rhiannon

Robin Miller Cresci

Well, that was lacking….

Laura Atzinger Klingman

I’d say that was rather simplified

Linda Wojcik Lees

Now ask a rural carrier……..

Christopher Paradise

He’s right about the being alone part being a plus. If I had to work inside the office all day, I’d off myself by noon. Clerks have the worst job in the USPS, especially if they work the window. Plus you have management over their shoulder all day. Rural carriers do too, but usually management hides in a deer stand in a field and watch ya. Lol

Patti Lindauer Petroski

I got hurt on the job and had to wear a red vest and help in the lobby, I couldn’t wait to get back to my route!! It was soooo horrible and the lines with unhappy customers…

Michelle Hoch

Patti Lindauer Petroski, we’ve had as many as 3 carriers on medical and they made all 3 stand in lobby-just needed a big “IOD” tag around the neck. It’s like they try to embarrass you back to work early. ?‍♂️

Cal Vandiver Sr.

Yeah we had a new sub quit today

Cindy Askew Chreiman

So true

Reba Hall Oper

I taught at the Syracuse Rural Academy for over 10 years. My first question was what’s does a mail/rural carrier do? The answers were always “ drive with thei arms out the window “. By the end of the week I would ask again. The answers were completely different. They couldn’t believe ALL WE DO. And that wasn’t even when the weather was thrown in as a factor. I wish the public would ride with us for a day or two. How they would appreciate us so much more.

D.r. Dudgeon

They should ask a rural carrier. It’s really a different world. Delivering mail, dealing with the weather, and up keep on a POV make it more challenging.

Mark Pearl

We do much more work than city carrier, a lot of it is not paid

D.r. Dudgeon


Susan Ramsey


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