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No surprise…this happens more than you think…

Chris Goyer

I used to work with Deb at a different station for many years. Though there were areas on which we disagreed, she is an excellent carrier and I would very much like to see her career succeed to the end.


As a previous employee at Reynolds Corners I agree on the racial harassment that happens there. Glad to see it is finally being adressed


Me too!I feel her pain! I’ve experienced the same harrassment. As well as sexual from an MDO and it was a running joke and all they would say was Ignore him!Because the federal government is hard to fight.I cried for almost a year. I finally just transferred. MDO transferred a month later. Yes I did everything to report him.He made my life a living Hell.Im writing a book of my terror as a Postal employee!

K. F

Well now you people see I how black people feel when it happens to us everyday of our lives. Welcome to our world if it really happened. Black people are more acceptance of white people around us then white people are black people around them. Just time to stop the hate and show love for everybody.

Kimberly Renee Justice

These are federal jobs, they come with respect and everyone should follow the same protocol. Every one is quick to assume racism if it’s from the opposite color. Maybe your personalities just clash. But you still act like a adult and keep that behavior for your own time. Not a federal clock where we all come to feed our families and raise our children. We are all there for a common goal. Sorry you all have to deal with the inner hatred, just remember they are broken, it’s not you.