Louisville, KY, Site of First UPMA National Convention

The 2017 UPMA National Convention got underway Monday morning, Aug. 7, in Louisville, KY. Co-Presidents Sean Acord and Tony Leonardi welcomed members. “This convention has been a long time coming,” Leonardi said, “but it’s finally here.” Despite NAPUS and the League finally merging and becoming one organization, he pointed out, the challenge now is to continue building trust and adjusting to change.

“We’ve come together and we’re staying together,” Leonardi declared. “Let’s keep working together.”

UPMA Director of Government Relations Bob Levi stressed to members the importance of acting now to prevent draconian cuts to the benefits of postal employees and retirees. He assured convention attendees UPMA would be looking for any attempts by Congress to move a bill that would adversely affect UPMA members.

Levi said he still is optimistic that postal reform legislation could be passed this year. He outlined the key elements of H.R. 756; most importantly, the bill addresses the punitive retiree health prefunding issue. The bill also would provide the agency opportunities to innovate and bring new products to market, as well as provide flexibility in creating and establishing rates.

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