Louisville KY LLV Fire – Sunday March 19th, 2017

March 20, 2017

Via Facebook:

A few minutes ago I was driving down Dixie Highway when I came across this. The Postal Worker is fine. He notice white smoke coming from the engine and, within seconds, was engulfed with flames! He was able to get whatever parcels left in the truck out. The main thing he is safe and sound.

More photos

Full article: Gary Hudnall - Facebook ###

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18 Comments on "Louisville KY LLV Fire – Sunday March 19th, 2017"

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Bill Freeman

Hope they get a new one and not another death trap LLV.

Carol Lynn Schofield

They are deathtraps, Bill Freeman

Christopher Paradise

Every time I see these pics, I sing Another Bites the Dust.

Tabitha Gray

Me too

Doug Horton

Sunday delivery???

Michelle Hoch

AMAZON! 📦📦 they’re the boss of us!! 📦📦

Brad Roberts

Sandy Mcmillen Palmer Tom White Dixie Hwy

Sandy Mcmillen Palmer


Tom White

Do you have to fill out an accident report and watch training videos if you burn up your vehicle?

Alicia Mouton

Shanel Handy-Smith

Lee Waller

I’m surprised they haven’t all burst into flames. It won’t be long until all of the LLVs are dead and we’re delivering mail on foot. We NEED new vehicles!!!!

Lisa Ann Cogan

Next year. (They say)

Sue Kerby Johnson

Closest I came was when my battery exploded

Ewell Flippo

Jim James Whitt

LeAnna Simmons

Funny, our mechanic says, ” they don’t catch on fire, why would you think that?” Uh-huh!


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