LLV Replacement vehicle currently being tested in Detroit

October 5, 2017

The USPS has been looking for an updated version, potentially electric, of its longstanding mail delivery trucks – the Grumman LLV – for years now. The current quest (started in January 2015) is for something called the “Next Generation Delivery Vehicle” (NGDV). The USPS announced the six “prime suppliers” that have been been awarded contracts worth a total of $37.4 million and will, “produce 50 prototype vehicles as part of the next phase of the NGDV acquisition process.” The finalists include AM General, Oshkosh, Utilimaster, VT Hackney, Karsan, and Mahindra.

Note: Not sure which prototype this is.


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Kia Hoffman

Just 10 years late!!!

Jonathan Rieg

20 years

Heather Geunes

Looks too small with all our parcel volume now ?


Yes we need them now where we are at.

Ian Watosky

Syracuse NY too. Ffv

Reba Hall Oper

That’s for sure. We need to test drive it here in REAL WEATHER.

Christopher Paradise

Still sticking with the no windows in the blind spot huh?

Greg Wood

Do they hold anymore parcels?

Debbie Hershey

Haha didn’t you see … they gave us some wall racks .. smh

Megan Faulkner

We recently had shelves installed in our llvs. It actually is quite nice, and almost doubles the usable space.

Greg Wood

You know I can see the value in shelves. However without a way to secure parcels onto the shelves it could become a mess. Also I know on my route come November I am running two trips a day, both trips I can open the back door of the llv and not see daylight through the packages. I like the idea of shelves though. Just wondering why they did not make these new vehicles about fifty percent longer than the current fleet.

Megan Faulkner

There is a 2 inch lip on the edge of the shelves so parcels lock in pretty well. Just have to be smart about the stack. I use them for my fresh deliveries too, keeps them out of the way. As for the length, it’s the PO, it will never make sense! Lol

Sheri Harrison

Send them to rural America for some stamina testing !!!

Jeffery Mentzer

Cots so you can sleep until your next shift

John Hutchins

I see they really took into consideration the input of employees,
No back window or left side window either.
Same ole same ole at USPS

Brent Russell

They’re trying to maximize cargo capacity. I don’t know what people expect.

And I’m more that willing to bet there is a back up camera.

John Hutchins

Yeah right?

TJ Rebello

It’s not a space issue, it’s security. What people can’t see they can’t be tempted to steal

Trena Teal McDaniel

Do they have A/C? Please have A/C.

Jonathan Rieg

Yes it’s the Law

James Hunter

Haha yeah till it breaks never be fixed! Trust me on that

Jo Kappus

Ha it’s not the law

Scott Walker

You silly carriers! Fewer windows = better security. Gotta protect that high value dog food.

Carol Cummings

Leave it to the p o to spend more money and make it worse then it was.

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