Live pet fish arrives dead after homeowner says USPS misdelivered package

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October 31, 2017

BRIGHTON, Colo. — Homeowners are upset at the U.S. Postal Service and are asking for help after a slew of mailbox malfunctions.

“Weekly someone says, ‘Hey, so and so got your mail’ or ‘Has anyone seen my package? It says it was delivered and it wasn’t’,” resident Erin Brebis said.

She lives in the area of U.S. 85 and Highway 7 in Brighton where neighbors complain mail carriers are regularly seen delivering around 10:30 p.m.

“It is dark. They’re out there with flashlights trying to put it in the correct box, which is maybe why some of the mail isn’t in there,” Laura Morgan said.

A spokesman for the Post Office said carriers “deliver every day and sometimes that extends into the evening hours. But no mail is delayed.”

“I ordered saltwater fish on a two-day delivery and it wasn’t there,” she said.

Morgan said she found the package a day after it was supposed to be delivered.

Instead of it appearing on her doorstep, like a stick next to the shipping label instructs, the box was left inside one of the package lockers in the community mailbox.

She said the three fish inside, which were worth $350, were dead when she opened the package.

“People say, ‘Oh, they’re just fish.’ But they’re not,” she said. “They’re beautiful … and when they die it’s heartbreaking.”

She considers her fish her children and just as important as any other pet.


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Julie Touchton

The lady knew her parcels get delivered to the lockers. This is not the carriers fault. Also, it doesn’t say how long the fish were in the locker. If she didn’t check her mail for 3 days, then yeah, she’s gonna have dead fish. Why isn’t she responsible for tracking the package of her “children”? What an idiot.

Caroline Parker

If customers would pick up their mail EVERYDAY this wouldn’t be an issue.

Patrick Egan

Probably still would have died from the heat, was probably already dead from the shipment if it didn’t specify it was live animals inside as the oxygen would have been depleted after a very short amount of time

Caroline Parker

I personally think the receiver should pick them up when they arrive or at the very least it should require a signature but that requires the live pets to travel in the vehicle for who knows how long in extreme weather conditions at times.

Roxy Murphy

They’re your children, but you didn’t track the package, request hold for pickup like most live animals, OR intercept the package to ensure you got it delivered to your hands? ? Cool story bro…

Evone Reinert Shupp

Never believed in shipping live animals thru the mail. Its too stressful.

Linda DuBois

Me neither countless baby chicks die every season

Evone Reinert Shupp

Yes, those poor babies.

Lisa Lewis

Poor fish..

Joy Scarborough

Nope, you don’t mail children, they are fish, and if the sender had paid for proper handling of the parcel, the customer would be picking up the live fish at the post office.

Michael Waite

I’ve delivered dogs!

Rayma Lynn LePoris

How does she think they were “misdelivered”? If a package fits into a parcel locker that’s where I’d deliver it..

Ken Gove

Normally when you get live animals at the post office, don’t they call the customer?

Niki Ruschill Waterman


Roxanne Clark

Only if it says to call on the top of the package. Chances are they didn’t pay for an express.

Peggy McNew Boehm LaFlamme

not a requirement it is a courtesy

Robert Fulbright

We haven’t delivered live animals at any office I have delivered from. The parcel should have said live animals and should then not been left in a parcel locker.

Lyndsay Beberness

We call. Our clerks call the customers so early sometimes they’re not even awake yet. Leaves them a message, and usually the customer is there knocking on our door before we even open.

Mark Taylor

Robert Fulbright we get chicks, roosters, and bugs regularly. They’re usually sent express or priority, with big LIVE ANIMALS PLEASE CALL FOR PICKUP stickers.

Rachel Rowe

I LOVE how a complaint is workers delivering super late at night. Like they want to be out that late, I’m gonna guess they would rather be done at a decent hour and at home resting. Bless those who have super long days doing thankless (most days) work

Tammy Wachter

Every piece every day BS no mail is delayed …smh

Niki Ruschill Waterman

Why would you do 2 day delivery on $350 fish? Try Express that requires a signature

Ken Gove


Linda Jean

Live… supposed to be Express !

Roxanne Clark

I swear…delivered to the parcel locker IS where it is supposed to be delivered. Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with peoples brains. Smh

Tori Hale

People have brains, just no effing common sense..

Robert Fulbright

If it said live animals then it wasn’t the place to put it.

Roxanne Clark

Robert Fulbright been doing this a long time. Unless it says to leave at the office, it is always delivered in our office.

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