Letter sent to Detroit home delivered 62 years late

October 11, 2017

DETROIT – A Detroit woman recently found something in the mail she wasn’t expecting: a letter postmarked with the year 1955.

It made it to the right address, but it hasn’t yet made it to the right person.

“I was wondering, ‘What is this?'” Michelle Moore said.

Right away, there was something about a card in the mail that caught Moore’s eye. The postmark said Jan. 7, 1955.

“I did the math, and, wow, the post office is late on this — 62 years late,” Moore said.

She recognized the name it was addressed to: Mr. Allan Pearlman. Moore’s 85-year-old mother had bought the house from Pearlman in 1957, and still has it to this day.

She said the number below his name, 38, was the original ZIP code for her neighborhood.

“If you’re not at a certain age, you wouldn’t know that,” Moore said.


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Rebecca Fenner

Sounds about right

Carol Cummings

The new normal I am thinking…cut some more jobs!

Holly Cornwell


Mark Pearl

Someone finds an old letter at grandmas house or flea market and drops it in a mailbox, yep that’s how it’s done

Debbie Hershey

I few years ago I delivered a soft package that was found in a hamper in Detroit. It was sitting there for 3 years ..

Carol Cummings

And I thought my priority parcel sitting in Allen Park for 8 days was bad!!! Lol

Cathy Creech


Jesse Guillen

Ha did someone get screwed during mail count?

Christiana Lee

Maybe someone had their case disassembled or finally got it cleaned n it was under the bottom shelf ours NEVER get cleaned. ?? under there with all the gross dirt, dust bunnies and coffee stains ???

Debbie Paradise-Redford

We were told by cleaning maintenance to clean our cases ourselves. They’re filthy and not in my job description. Who has the time?!

Christiana Lee

I don’t have time to do someone else’s job

Larry N Smith

I hope they collected more postage! Stamps have gone up!

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