Letter: Does mail have to arrive under gloom of night?

November 15, 2017

The creed of the U.S. Postal Service includes the line, “nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” Recently, it seems, the local Post Office has been pushing that to the point of absurdity.

For years in my neighborhood, the mail usually came somewhere between 2:30 and 4 p.m. If it was 5, the mail was running late. In recent months, however, the mail has been coming later and later. Sometimes, the mail hasn’t been coming until well after 8 in the evening. Tonight, it was 9:45 p.m. before the mail truck stopped at my mailbox. What’s worse is we aren’t even in the thick of the holiday season yet.

I can’t help but wonder what the causes of these increasing delays are. Have there been cutbacks in manpower? Have they lost people? Have there been changes in management that have resulted in inefficiencies? What about the cost to taxpayers in overtime hours? (RI) What of the safety of postal workers making their rounds so late at night?

Is the U.S. Postal Service making efforts to fix these problems, or are they oblivious?

I admit I do not have answers, but I can’t be the only one to have noticed this growing problem. And perhaps it’s the public taking notice that will get the answers we need, and fix what needs to be fixed. What I do know, however, is a delivery time after 9 in the evening cannot become the new normal for our daily mail.

I have full confidence that our local postal workers themselves are doing the best they can. The fact that they are still making their appointed rounds so late in the evening speaks to their dedication. However, something in our local postal system is broken and must be fixed.

— Eric Shock



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Denise Wilson

It’s terrible they age put in danger

Will Bromund

trying to get twice the work done with half the workers to do It! Seems to be the new postal way?

Stephen Richard

Management at the very top has been pathetic when it comes to actual MAIL DELIVERY…I’ve been there for 37 years , and could offer soo much knowledge based on experience. …..but it is a waste of breath. .. they truly could care less

Brent Russell

I don’t know if it’s true, but it seems like service decision are made a lot by people whom have NEVER delivered mail in their lives.

Stephen Richard

Look at the junk we drive…..It’s obvious they’re clueless , or there is another agenda at work

Carol Rozek

Our new supervisor came from the plant. He has never carried a piece of mail in his life, but since walking through our doors, he is telling us how to do our job and micro managing to the point of hauling people into the office if we have stopped at an address for too long (10 minutes) and then they tell us to do “rural reach”. Sorry but we can’t do rural reach if our time at the address is going to be micro managed like that

Annettek Davis

Who gets overtime?

Cm Razz

Not me! Never!!!

Cherity Campos

But they love to lecture us about safety!

Gregg B Snyder

It’s tough when you can’t get final pull (mail is up) until almost 2 pm and it’s t-minus 40 days

Sheila Waldrip

There is a lot of o time going on for sure!!

Lonnie Clippard

This nonsense needs to stop.

Kelley Roberts

On the rural side, managements fixed position that “everything must go” needs to change. Day after a holiday they demand we take 3 days of mail in 1 day. Carriers were out in my office until 11:30pm. We get paid by route evaluation which for most is about 8 1/2 hrs per day. So those carriers stopped getting paid at 4:30pm. Last Christmas we all worked well past 9pm. It is totally unsafe, but management is all about the numbers.

Christopher Paradise

If they would simply stop the damn mail stream during holidays, it wouldn’t be a problem. It makes no sense to run plants at full speed when there are zero carriers to take the mail out.

Jennifer Metz

I was on an aux route the day after the holiday and it’s evaluated @ 5.67 hrs….I worked 10 that day…how pathetic is that?

Mark Pearl

“Every piece every day” has undermined the rurals ability to manage the mail flow and hours per day worked.

Sheila Waldrip

They don’t require it in our office. After a holiday anyway. They are trying to get regulars to quit taking that day off so they give 3 days to get the mail out. So really there is no benefit to take off that day anymore.

Deanna Snow Ferrumpau

Our postmaster told us to hold flats….I took mine hate leaving it for next day….Tuesday was almost as bad as Monday


They also lie about the numbers

Patricia Will

Every day this week has been night mare. Getting back after dark. Some still having to make 2nd trips


I’m looking at a PDI! Gotta love it! Killing myself for what? Not sure anymore!

Justin Vollrath

If you work 12 or more hours in a day you get paid actual time worked

Darla Pawliski

For the first 15 years I worked at usps we curtailed standard mail when the mail heavy and it worked. For the last 5 years it’s been “every piece, every day” and it has NOT worked. Sometimes the old ways are better ??‍♀️

Connie Romeril

Start time 9am …yep, pretty impossible to make it back before dark.

Jennifer Metz

Wow 9:00 AM that’s rough!! How do they justify such a late start time?

Connie Romeril

Jennifer it sure is! They say because we get our mail late and not clear until after 11am ?

Cm Razz

845 start here

Tina Wagoner

Hey!! We hate it wven more than you!!
We dont want this at all
But why did they change the time??!!
Now it is getting dark earlier and time changed an hour also!! Duh!!
This daylight savings is plain stupid! And where are the savings??!!
And now we have the extra holiday parcels and catalogues too???

Dianne Daley

This is standard time now.
Daylight Savings time is the spring/summer months.

Joy Scarborough

Ugh…lol, Dianne my husband has said that to me twenty times. When you’re right, you’re right.

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