Lehigh Valley man sues U.S. Postal Service, alleges he was fired for being gay

Lehigh Valley man is suing the U.S. Postal Service, alleging he was fired from his job as a letter carrier for the Allentown post office because he is gay.

The man, who filed the lawsuit anonymously as John Doe, said in the suit that he’d been employed with the USPS for more than a dozen years, and was one year away from being eligible for early retirement. He identifies himself in the suit as an HIV-positive gay man.

Doe claims he received texts over the summer from a former coworker, John Bond, that contained derogatory statements and slurs, directed Doe’s way by management and other coworkers. One coworker called him a “sick f****t”; another coworker called him a “homo”, and said Doe “likes to suck big d***”; and a supervisor texted another manager that he was “gonna get (Doe’s) ass fired.”

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