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j f

i had a can of soda explode in my mail truck the other day, which can only happen at 120+ degrees.

Mailman in Cali

I work in similar temps in inland California, and it’s not uncommon to see 110 plus degrees inside the cab, which is often our only source of shade. In addition, the fans that are mounted on the dashboard to circulate air only work when the engine is running, so it’s only usable when traveling. That means where there’s stops of 4,4.5 up to 30 minutes or more between travel time, there is no circulating air inside the cab and temps rise. I might also point out that our district office denied purchasing bottled water for the carriers because they deemed… Read more »


USPS is all talk and no show.

Over Heated

Messages on our scanner and stand up talks covers the postal service from liability.


I have pics of my postal vehicle reaching 138.9° on the floorboard by 1pm in Florida.


It goes to show you that Fred Rolando and the NALC suck for letting these conditions to get out of hand by selling out to management to make routes longer and intentionally understaffing office to do a mythical under time pivots so management could get their bonuses. Fred Rolando and the NALC is the defender of management not the letter carrier.

Cynthia leffue

My postal vehicle got a flat tire out on the route. I waited as n extra 2 hours out in the Arizona heat 110 degrees that day…when I asked for a little assistance because the parcels were heavy due to Amazon prime day I was told no that regular carriers dont get help…..I was so mad…..

Bill Richardson

Funny… I remember when I worked for the Postal Service… They ordered some Semi trucks, which came standard with air conditioning, but they paid to have the a/c removed from them.

Former CCA

freezer in the winter, oven in the summer. USPS doesnt care about their employees one bit


Wow! UPS and US Postal Service should not be a to endure extreme heat without accommodations for workers!,especially when TAX FREE AMAZON has the privilege of driving around air conditioned vehicles!