Lakeview residents question false U.S. Post Office delivery alerts

For several months, Eyewitness News has been covering mail issues across the metro area, and this time you may be puzzled after hearing what one Lakeview man says he was doing when a postal carrier “attempted to deliver” an order.

“It was a pair of binoculars,” said Daryl Thibodaux.

Thibodaux is a private is an investigator. And he was anxious to receive a pair of binoculars from Amazon for work. The package was supposed to arrive on Saturday, Oct. 6th.

“I was home all day. I stayed home, I cut the grass and, you know, 7:30 (p.m.) I get a text saying ‘unable to deliver package.’”

The email that came from the United States Postal Service said there was a delivery attempt at 3:54 p.m.

“I was home, and I have cameras and there wasn’t anyone trying to make a delivery the entire day,” Thibodaux said.

He pulled up the time on his recording, at 3:54 p.m. — there was nothing. Thibodaux showed us how his cameras capture any motion near his home. But on Saturday, no carrier was ever recorded. When he called Amazon, they put him in touch with a post office representative.

“The guy from USPS says on the … note says I was on vacation and asked to hold my package.”

Thibodaux said he never told anyone he would be on vacation. He was promised the package would be out by Tuesday. But Tuesday came, and he got another email. This time the email said, ” Carrier is unable to gain access to front door to deliver package.

That puzzled Thibodaux. He pointed out that there’s no fence in front of his home and that other carriers have had no problems. He’s not alone when it comes to delivery delays as he found out after posting about the problem on a neighborhood social media page.


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Wow – I am sticking up for the postal service for once.
The customer had time to sit and wait at home all day for his parcel from the “almightily amazon”, he had enough time to get off his lazy fat ass and go to the store to buy them.


Easy solution dude, get a life!!!


Yes customers are really getting lazy, had 7 parcel to a customer and when I delivered them she wanted to know where is the mail? I said in your box . She said why didn’t you bring it up? I said well we are supposed to put in the box and besides how can I carry the mail your packages and the scanner all ? She doesn’t work nor her husband. Orders every day and walks 4 dogs up and down their hill that for last 10 years I have been running up and down. I started leaving her mail… Read more »


There are limited options on the scanner to choose from when a package cant be delivered. Vacation is about the only valid choice a carrier can use. Sometimes shxx happens and is not always the carriers fault. You probably got the package the following day, such is life at USPS. Most of the time they do an outstanding job for a less than desirable job.

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