LA resident fights to ensure carriers don’t violate federal law with delayed delivery practice

Los Altos resident Ron Ligon is on a mission to ensure that the Miramonte Avenue U.S. Postal Service adheres to federal policy that requires a mail carrier to deliver his mail even if access to his mailbox is obstructed.

Ligon said that after engaging in fruitless discourse with Postmaster Anli Zhao over the USPS holding his mail because construction trucks blocked his mailbox, “I told her, ‘If you want a war, you’ve got one. Because I’m retired. I’ve got time.”

His problem with USPS dates back years, as construction has been long underway across the street from his Raymundo Avenue home, with crews parking their trucks in front of his mailbox for months at a time.

Ligon’s mail carrier has refused to get out of his truck and deliver his mail – on one occasion for three days in a row – when trucks are parked in front of his house. The mail carrier informed Ligon that it was Zhao’s policy that mail carriers not stop at houses, exit their mail trucks or walk on foot to a mailbox if access is in any way blocked.

In one of his conversations with Zhao, Ligon said she admitted that quick delivery saves the post office money because they don’t have to pay mail carriers overtime if their routes are completed efficiently.

“Every business wants to save money,” Zhao said in a phone call with the Town Crier.

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Someone should tell Mr. Ligon that this situation could easily be handled by calling police, the trucks will be quickly moved. Also it is his responsibility to keep his box free of blockage. If every customer blocked their box and had the carrier dismount, every customer would not get mail in a timely fashion.

Clayton Norris

A blocked mailbox should carry the same penalty as a blocked fire hydrant.

Jo Stevenson

Why isn’t the retired homeowner going after the construction companies that are blocking his box instead of USPS?

Jo Stevenson

Why isn’t the retired customer going after the construction companies that are blocking access to his mailbox instead of USPS?


Ensure your box is not blocked old man lol


It’s evaluated as a mounted delivery, the carrier does not have to get out of the vehicle. At this point it is up to the customer to make sure his box is not blocked. If the construction is across the street he has all day to ask them to move their trucks. He could even call the company and complain to a supervisor. Why does he have to blame or cause trouble for the PO.


Policy is……if it’s not the homeowners vehicle and it’s temporary you are required to dismount.

Michael Perdue

You know at one time a guy rode horse across country to bring Mail and You People think the Driver doesn’t need to get out and make a few steps to the Box Where I’m from they walk their entire Route unless delivering a package .