Jamaica, Queens NY Postmaster: Mail carriers are not showing up to work

Acting Jamaica Postmaster Paul Stremel told members of Community Board 10 last Thursday that one of the reasons people are not getting their mail in a timely fashion is that some carriers just don’t want to show up to work.

“They don’t like to come to work. A lot of them, they don’t have the work ethic,” Stremel said. “It’s not important to them.”

Other carriers must then complete those routes, which results in people getting mail late in the evening, sometimes past 7 p.m.

Addressing other bad workers, Stremel said union rules protect certain workers from being terminated after just one incident.

“They get a couple of bites of the apple before we can get rid of them,” he said.

The acting postmaster’s appearance at CB 10 came as residents across the borough are still complaining of missing or late mail deliveries, an issue that has been prevalent since the beginning of the year.

Some have complained of going days without receiving mail and only receiving a few envelopes when it does arrive.

Members of Congress have said they would welcome a probe into the matter, and the United States Postal Service has said it will hire additional carriers.

Stremel told the board that the USPS is testing out a new policy that requires all carriers off the streets by 7 p.m.

“Everything needs to be delivered by 7,” he said.


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Preston Creswell

Well don’t treat carriers like there pieces of shit would be a start

Nancy Garrett

And who do you think is to blame for that the carriers or mismangement?


Management screws things up and then blames us! Now they are going to remove another route from my station and make things even harder for us!

brenda harper

why don’t you try having actual working people hired instead of more management. stop allowing carriers to jump back & forth from management to routes at their convenience. stop trying to run a post office sitting in an office not knowing whats going on, get out there figure out the problem 9 times out of 10 you could find it not the carriers fault. bad decisions being made straight from the top trickle down, treat people like humans rather than a pencil on paper.

Truth hurts

Carriers need to stop trying to get over! A bunch of money hungry overtime grabbers!

Amy D DuMont

These newer generations feel they are ‘entitled’ to have a job but lack the discipline (or whatever you want to call it) to do their job every day, like us older carriers.

Uno Whoo

Millennials of the ‘Gibs Me Dat’ Generation

Amy D DuMont


Jacob Ibarra

How do you know the ages of the carriers not showing up? Or are you just assuming?

Slaveship worker

Because I show up and see who’s missing and have to do they shit every day. While my customers have to suffer. I ain’t on nobody’s ot desire list.

David Andrew

They’re assuming. I know just as many lazy ass old carriers as younger ones


Yep and the carriers who lack discipline and don’t want to work go into management.

Matthew L. Smith

Saying ignorant things doesn’t make your generation better, it just makes you a hypocrite.

Amy D DuMont

It’s from experience, watching these people who constantly need help, complain constantly if they work “too muxh”. When I started we were thankful we had a job and worked our tails off, without help, to get the job done.

Bryan Kroh

I’m a millenial, and HCR carrier. I possess the discipline to wake up and go to work 6 days a week. Please keep your stereotypes to yourself, as they are incorrect. Thank you.

Amy D DuMont

Offensive are we? Did I say all of you are like that? No! My children are millenials, too, and they are all hard working. I said I’ve seen some complain constantly

Steve Kroh

I see baby boomers complain constantly

Bryan Kroh

Did I say I was offended? I’m just pointing out that you’re stereotyping a group of people that you obviously know nothing about. It’s irritating to be lumped in with other people simply because they are the same age as I am. And you never said “some”. You said “These newer generations feel they are ‘entitled’ to have a job but lack the discipline (or whatever you want to call it) to do their job every day, like us older carriers.” As you can see, you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. I, for one, can’t wait to for… Read more »

Mulloy Blackwell

are they getting paid or getting the shaft?

David Andrew

We are all paid well for the job we do. Rural or city. It’s ridiculous that people just suck and want to blame the company for everything when it’s not always USPS’ fault. The job isn’t for everyone and the hiring process needs to be harder to weed out the weak links looking for an easy pay check. Existing carriers though need to stop acting like they aren’t getting paid for the job. If you don’t think you’re being paid fairly then learn how to be counted properly or quit if it bothers you that much. I’m not saying the… Read more »

Gena Arney

Same issues on the clerk side as well, they don’t want to work but they want the benefits.. expect management let’s them have their way… then when you buck it, your told to keep your mouth shut before you get into trouble….

Jo Stevenson

Late mail or no mail at all… Well Postmaster is simply stating a fact. Employees don’t feel like going to work for what ever small reason and they don’t care that their co-workers have to carry another route on their back that day.

George Mignosi

I guarantee that he is not “simply stating a fact”. It’s not a fact at all, its condescending, pejorative and false.
1) Why has attendance taken a turn for the worse since he’s become postmaster?
2) Why would Jamaica have the carriers with the “poor work ethic” but Flushing, Brooklyn and Staten Island are business as usual?
3) Why is the Collective Bargaining Agreement so burdensome to Jamaica, but has worked in every US city and Territory since 1970?

Answers: The current postmaster doesn’t have the skill set for the position.


Jamaica Queens is overwhelmingly black. I would wager that a majority of his carriers are black…unless they’re bussing carriers in from across the region. Makes me wonder if whitey PM isn’t making racial comments about “lack of work ethic.” EEOC anyone?


You make racial assumptions without gathering facts . You bring up EEOC then say Whitey PM . I think EEOC would be brought upon you sooner rather then later


How do you know those other boroughs have better attendance? I worked in one of those Boroughs ( BK) and they face the same challenges. Poor attendance/poor performance.

George Mignosi

I know for a fact that Brooklyn has better attendance.

Maggie Pollaski White

Gotta weed these ones out before hiring. The success of a new carrier sometimes can be made or broken by the office atmosphere.

Jane Becker

Oh my gosh I would love to see the response! Ha ha!

Maggie Pollaski White

Jane Becker

Pam McDaniel Cox

Fire them!

McCay Teresa Denney McCay

You can’t fired no more.


good grammer

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