Is ‘Cluster Box’ the future of postal mail delivery?

MENTOR, Ohio — A simple box that might look more at home in an apartment building is what the U.S. Postal Service says is the future of daily mail delivery.

“We’ve gone to all Cluster Box Units, at the request of the U.S. Postal Service,” said Sommers Real Estate President Rick Sommers.

He says every new development that real estate groups like his build have the simply boxed called Cluster Boxes. The Postal Service says they cut down on the cost of individual boxes, locked boxes keep sensitive mail safe and make delivery a one-stop shop.

“Obviously the post office truck doesn’t have to stop at every house, blocking traffic,” said Sommers.

It’s a trend that could help with some mail delivery concerns we told you about in the past. Residents near Akron were concerned with inconsistent delivery and letters going to their neighbors’ homes.


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David Andrew

Trust me it won’t help with misdeliveries with all the dumb carriers we have. Too many just don’t care or don’t know how to read or just don’t have any sense of pride. It’s pathetic what our company is turning into ?

Lisa M Flores

It doesn’t help that it almost impossible to fire certain people. And I’m not taking about managers/supervisors.


Maybe if the carriers were given realistic mail delivery standards, they wouldn’t have to go so fast, and by extension of that, make so many mistakes.

As I always say: You try going through 2,000 pieces of mail, at the rate of 1 every 2 seconds, and see how many mistakes you make.

Shaun Haase

I agree with both statements. I think of all the time i put in training a very rare rca, just to watch as the “help” they get from the others just lowers the bar.

Sara Stephens

And sometimes mail does stick together such as I found out today

Jim Davis

“concerned with inconsistent delivery and letters going to their neighbors’ homes.” Lololololololololololololololol

April Keller Attardo

We will still be driving to every single house with packages…. 1 parcel locker is hilarious ?

Roger Wheeler

One small P.L.

Rayma Lynn LePoris

I agree! These are stupid!

Leticia Oliver

Not only is it one tiny parcel locker but one week after install a couple of customers broke the keys in the locks and they still haven’t been fixed. So I have to take the parcels the size of checkbooks to the door. Also, instead of the street having it’s own cbu to avoid confusion – there could be 3 or 4 streets in one cbu on one street and those same streets spread across two or more other cbu’s. Causing a nightmare for subs too.


Been that way last 20 plus years where I work.


LMAO! What you have to walk a few extra steps? I like B
CBU’s. Much better than a mailbox on thr house. Won’t get someone else’s mail anymore this way than with a box on your house. ?

Michelle Tyler


Stacey Roozing

Yep still delivering packages to every house but won’t get paid for it.

Sara Stephens

I will take that 1 parcel locker over the old style cubby hole ndcbu’s that I have that have NO parcel locker at all

April Keller Attardo

Sara we have a couple routes in my office with those.. sorry they do suck..


My thoughts exactly! I have them in one wealthy neighborhood. I still have to drive somedays to 5 or six homes. Large parcels will not fit in lockers.

Angela King

All our new subdivisions are being told they MUST AND WILL have clusterboxes…. no curbside mailbox delivery…I would be pissed if I paid 500,000 for a home and HAD to get my mail from a apartment looking clusterbox… js

Rayma Lynn LePoris

And it’s at the other end of the block and around the corner..
That’s how most of mine are on my route..

Angela King

Exactly! …

Susan Bohdiewicz

That would be good customer service. The PO doesn’t have this anymore

Matthew Chavez

I hate when people bring up a price point when arguing against CBUs. Had a developer try that on my route. There’s an old lady on another route that walks 1.5 miles to the box each day for her mail. Broke ass neighborhood. Ain’t nobody ever cared if those people needed boxes closer to the house – not even a couple of parcel lockers. Then this fancy hood gets started and the developer is shocked – absolutely shocked – that the neighborhood in question will have 2 CBU stops, not 3. “Do you know how much money these people make?”… Read more »

Sara Stephens

Its not always the post office that is making that happen. In my town, its the city hall that is making the new subdivisions get them.

SuAnn Seaman Skelley

Think about this for a minute. WHY?? would the city care what kind of mail receptacle was being put up?

Kelly Stine

Like this is a lot of areas in the west, including Alaska. In Alaska they don’t deliver the packages to the door. They leave notice slips!

Monica Smith

Only if people are dumb enough to let it happen.


It’s not working. Post Office is trying to reduce delivery costs by eliminating driving distance. The problem is we are becoming a package delivery service. Therefore we are driving to homes in addition to the box center. If you have ever serviced a cbu, it can be very difficult. Especially during inclement weather. 80degree weather can feel like 100 standing beside them. Major rain storms with lightning are dangerous. As hard as we try to deliver without damage we cannot prevent rain from entering the box or destroying the mail as we distribute it standing in rain/snow/sleet. It’s not a… Read more »

Grace Herndon

The way to cut pay, but I do think it’s easier to deliver. Either way good luck with that y’all.?

Sara Stephens

I have over 850 people and most are in those boxes. So much easier to deliver especially when its really cold out side cuz then I only open one metal box for 16 people vs 16 regular boxes

Grace Herndon

I miss having 1/2 my route be cbu even tho I had 1,002 deliveries. Now I have 808 with about 100 being cbu. I was a 43 k then and 45k now but really 47k post count…some houses were under construction. I hate those small lots, and I hear the new homes are built like crap…according to my customers.

Amy D DuMont

They don’t have a choice. It’s the only thing the post office is allowing now in new developments.

Carrie Padgett

not around here….a million mailboxes all installed too low by contractors > <

Sara Stephens

It can be the town/city that is requiring it like mine is

SuAnn Seaman Skelley

Sara Stephens it’s a USPS requirement not our town

Sara Stephens

SuAnn Seaman Skelley I thought I heard somebody saying it was our towns requirement but don’t recall who it was

Amy D DuMont

My postmaster said it’s a post office requirement. A new development of the area I deliver was forced to put in box units. The HOA is asking the post office for documentation to include for new home owners why they can’t have curbside like the rest of the area.

SuAnn Seaman Skelley

Nope. The USPS regulates the kind of box the city puts up not the other way around. And the city let’s the contractor know when they submit site plans.

SuAnn Seaman Skelley

Sara Stephens then once the city approves the site plans either city or sometimes the contractor has the Postmaster sign off on the location of the NDCBU, which happen before ground is even broke.

Bethany Brahmer

This is postal bullshit. Noone the fix them they freeze shut in the winter. Not a good end to our postal needs more of a let down to oyr customers

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