International mail suspensions are affecting military personnel — and their ability to vote

Military personnel stationed overseas only had one way of sending voting ballots back home to the United States — the USPS. Because of the continuing reach of the coronavirus pandemic, the USPS has suspended mail services to 111 countries — including ballots.

The suspensions were put into effect for a number of coronavirus-related reasons. Countries like Bolivia, Kuwait, and South Africa have suspended their own mail services. For Cuba, Costa Rica, and Iraq, there isn’t transportation available to help the USPS complete its deliveries. The suspensions also include service for 43 diplomatic (DPO) zip codes — as in those AE zip codes that any military personnel who was ever stationed overseas is familiar with.

“Policymakers: If mail is the only return option for your military and overseas voters in those countries — they have no way to cast a ballot,” Taylor Lansdale, program manager for the Overseas Voting Initiative tweeted over the weekend.

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