Inside Michigan’s Postal Service Museum, second only to the Smithsonian in U.S.

May 18, 2017

Michigan is home to the second largest Postal Service Museum in the country. We are taking you inside this hidden gem which features all kinds of historic items.

The U.S. Postal Service Museum is located at 202 E. Michigan Ave. in Marshall, Michigan. The building was designed by Howard Field and built by the Works Progress Administration in 1932.

Around that time, most post offices were simple rectangular buildings constructed of common red brick. This building was built of Marshall sandstone with a copper roo


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6 Comments on "Inside Michigan’s Postal Service Museum, second only to the Smithsonian in U.S."

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Ronnie Colt Bush

We still use most of what I see in that picture.

Mark Pearl

I was just going to say 2nd to 40% of offices in use today.
I was once sorting antique collectible magazines and the electric fan on the cover ( from the 1930’s) was the one we were using in the office.

Gerry Nance

looks like my office

Patty Grabemeyer

Lived there…it is wonderful!

Nelson Rich

Pile of junk. Should be in a landfill

Carol Lage

You are SO sentimental Nelson…!

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