Injuries Reported In Crash Involving Mail Truck in Tulsa OK


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8 Comments on "Injuries Reported In Crash Involving Mail Truck in Tulsa OK"

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Melvin Eugene Carter

Hope no one was seriously hurt.

Debbie Gibbons

Hope everyone is ok….probably because Management is rushing us to get back

Vickie Tidwell Votaw

That LLV is almost nonexistent!

Stacy Kitzler Loper

Hitting a squirrel could do that much damage to those pos llvs

Mary Jo Van Gilder-Woodward

No that’s what a head on with big truck with a full load looks like, and he is alive!

Julie Simpkins


Mary Jo Van Gilder-Woodward

CCA, He is in stable condition

Mary Jo Van Gilder-Woodward

Here is another view. Still alive and stable.

It is a amazing he is still with us.


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