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Why don’t they charge for this service?!?


Yes people are signing up in droves, we know this at the retail counter because they are coming daily with their smart phones wanting to know why they haven’t received that piece of mail and demanding we find out where it is! Did we really think this one through or was this one of those “Sounds Great, do it” moments!

G shears

Informed delivery will only cause more problems with our customers. If you can go on line and see what your supposably getting in your mailbox then the hackers can too. Management is embracing the very technology that is destroying us, it’s like they want us to fail.


no need to go to the mail box and empty it out they just look on there phones from the couch and see all junk so now carriers can’t fit the next days mail or small package in there forced to bring it back ! and why is this a free service again ? customers who want it should have to atleast pay to install the app .

Jeffrey White

Worst managed company in the world


I still think this is one of the more ridiculous ideas they’ve come up with…… Total waste of time and money!


The technology exists to OPEN the mail and digitally put that online too! A british service will OPEN your mail, scan it, then deliver or SHRED YOUR UNWANTED MAIL! (bypassing the carrier) Soon, USPS will offer this also. The milkman is long gone, soon the mailman. Go ahead, tell 5 people everyday.


We got ZERO time in column 17…. this would be ZERO time paid in a job that pays Rural Carriers for ea sec/min/piece… and EVERYDAY I get stopped asking about a pc of mail from last Thurs that hasnt shown up from blah blah blah. I explain that there may be a delay of up to 10 days for ea pc. The customers is fuming!! I will also show them some mail I have (includes checks) that go to other people in OTHER towns that I have received in my DPS which is mail that comes in order to my… Read more »


Need to comment 2nd time. The senior citizens are the confused ones here. Most are living in townhouses that were never built for them. The driveways are slanted at steep angles, there are multiple steps to get in their homes, and mailboxes are at curbs. NOW they get mail that is upsetting them. I am a counselor to alot of them. They do not know that “pre-standard mail” is actually “junk” mail and really have no importance. The AARP telling them that they will “lose” their Social security checks and informed mail just add to confusion. I wish thier family… Read more »


wow…what a can of worms!! I am stopped MULTIPLE times a day asking me “where is the letter they saw on Informed del?” I show them a handful of mail that I have been pulling out of DPS trays that go to other towns. MOST are first class and even a work check here and there. I tell them their letter is prob in another town’s mail also. and it should be here in a couple days. (that I get paid zero time as a rural carrier for “customer service”..yes ZERO!! column 17) ( was told by PM not to… Read more »