In face of deluge, mailman completes route, maintains mail sanctity

July 15, 2017

A photo that showed a U.S. Postal Service truck partially submerged in flood waters near a viaduct on Broadway in Buffalo on Thursday prompted comments and quips from Buffalo News readers. The photo also showed a second vehicle in the water from which Buffalo firefighters rescued three people.

“I guess weather can stop the mail from being delivered afterall,” wrote one woman. “Yeah that looks ugly. Hope the carrier got out of that ok,” a second reader commented.

It turns out the letter carrier is just fine.

The carrier, who wants to remain anonymous, called his boss when the truck got stuck. He exited the vehicle on his own.

 The letters he was delivering were not damaged, said Karen Mazurkiewicz, a spokeswoman for the USPS. “A couple of parcels got damp.”

And the postal worker? He went back to work in another vehicle.

“He finished the rest of his route,” Mazurkiewicz said.


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Shani Kin

And that was just stupid to drive into this…just saying

William Standinghawk

I would get written up for doing this

Christopher Paradise

Hey, they’re the ones that want us to risk our lives over mail.

Heather Begley Baudendistel

Are we really praising this moron?

Andrea Bonkoski

How did he protect the sanctity of the mail? Those LLVs leak like sieves! The water level inside was likely the same as outside. 😮

Michelle Holden


Andrea Caro

I’m pretty sure we have been told not to drive in standing water.

Andrea Bonkoski

I don’t think the post office would be praising this guy if this happened in Arizona. We have the stupid motorist law. If you drive into a wash that is likely to flood in the rain and you get stuck you get ticketed and you have to pay for your water rescue yourself. Makes the post office look bad.

Pj Jackson

“Turn around, dont drown”

Ashley Sands

Why are we praising this? No piece of paper or package is worth a life. Turn around!

Todd Hoffarth

He probably finished because his supervisor told him it’s a “Direct Order!”

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