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teresa clark

Why so many studies? You aren’t going to do anything about what you find. You don’t even allow drug testing anymore of people that are almost definitely using drugs with/without prescriptions so why? Just like everything you do a study or a survey and don’t do anything with the results.


hmmmm…USPS employees taking opioids and this really NEEDS a study?? Talk about wasting time/energy/$$$. Stop wasting time on things that do NOT help keep mail going. WHO runs machines, picks up boxes that weigh 50#, climb up and down out of mail trucks/vans dragging out a car tire to deliver up a flight stairs, climb out the backdoor of LLV pulling a canopy box out to hoist on a shoulder plus hanging on to pack mail, and a scanner….and add a twisted back to this and/or the age of a 59 yr old that has been here 25 yrs and… Read more »