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Mike Hunt

Newsflash!!!!….the organization you’re working for is losing 10 billion a year….you don’t deserve a raise.


thinking supervisors should be paid less than they are now it’s a do nothing job for people that don’t want to work.. they have no trouble finding people to take the job it’s the easiest one there is in the postal service no heavy lifting no dealing with weather or the broken down trucks they send u out in …its only mail it’s gets moved by the mail handlers ..clerks and carriers they never touch it ! only need one to answer phone calls crazy these people think they should be highly paid give me a break !

Mike Hunt

Problem is…is that less than 1 percent of these clowns could get a job in the private sector… very few of these clowns have college degrees and the ones that do have them from online diploma mills that are worthless.


Do any of the Postal Service Supervisors have more than a 12th grade education?
They are grossly overpaid as it is now!


I am a retired Postal employee. 15 years as a carrier, NALC steward, NALC State officer, and also served 20 years as a manager and Postmaster. I was a Postmaster in a level 18 office. I regularly (daily) worked 12 hours, got paid for 8. Worked Saturday without pay. Worked my holiday didnt get paid at all, I unloaded trucks, broke down mail, threw parcels, boxed mail, scrubbed toilets, worked the window, and delivered routes when a carrier called in sick, quit, or a vehicle broke down. My salary was good pay,IF I only worked 40 hrs a week, but… Read more »

Linda Miano

They need to recruit talent, not just their friends. It’s a broken buddy system. And if a rural goes into mgmt they take a huge hit so yes, they do make less than the people they supervise.