Horrific moment SUV driver RAMS into parked USPS truck at high speed

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December 18, 2017

A SUV crashed into a United Stated Postal Service truck on a crowded road in a shocking video on Friday night.

The maroon vehicle can be seen driving in the outside right lane down the busy street.

As the SUV continues down the road, it doesn’t seem to notice the large truck parked on the side with its blinkers on.

And not moving to avoid collision, the SUV slams into the back of the the USPS truck, sending mail and boxes flying all over the street.
The USPS truck is sent barreling into someone’s yard as the SUV flips and hits another car on the road

Note: A comment on youtube says this: The female letter carrier was not in the vehicle at the time of the collision so she’s just shaken up. She was walking back and was about 15 feet away when it was hit.


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Jacqueline Pozgar Diehl

This is why we should not be on the street after dark.

Ralph Allen Fisk


Carmen McCauley

This almost happened to me a few weeks ago. It’s almost got me so scared I’d like to switch off my primary route!

Carmen McCauley

And it was mid morning.

Colleen Daves

Can’t be morning could it?? 7:56 and that dark, looks like a night time delivery

Sandy Bergeron Gwynn

How could you NOT see the flashing lights.

Scott Morrison

distracted driver

Jannette Locke Behnke


Deborah Chopiak Leal

Exactly why we (nor any other agency) should not be delivering in the dark. They don’t respect us in the daytime either… 🙁

Bel Papiyon

So glad the driver was not in the llv!

Stephanie Turner Carrouth

This is my biggest fear.

Trish Allen

I’ve had that happen in broad daylight too… it’s not just nights that are dangerous!

Anna Richards

More likely to happen in the dark.

Carmen McCauley

Yep this almost happened to me a few weeks ago.

Mike Perry

This is why you’re not supposed to be on the street deliver mail at dark it’s unsafe! I understand we were for a business but they need to rethink their business model and our Union needs to come forth and help us in this unfortunately we don’t have people are really wanting to work anymore in our society so the people that do work or being worked to death!!!

Sheila Waldrip

A business that has always been like a 9 to 5. Nobody is expecting to see us delivering after those hours. They blow by us like nothing in the day. We can not expect this busy world to give us any respect. I pray there was no kids in the car of this inconsiderate driver.

Ryan Reed

This. This is why I slam the mail into the box as quick as i can on the busy roads i deliver. Imagine if you had your hand in the mailbox when that happened.

Diane Ball-Boulden

That exact same thing happened to an RCA at our office, she’s been out for over a year with nerve damage in her hand, neck and shoulder. ☹️ it was about 2 in the afternoon, a young girl was texting.

Ryan Reed

See. A friend of mine was was in a similar situation when he was delivering. Luckily he was pulling away. Learned a new route that day. His.

Tim White

AND that is why we should never be out after dark!!!!

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