Honoring First Responders stamp arrives

USPS will release Honoring First Responders — a stamp that recognizes the firefighters, law enforcement officers and emergency medical professionals who respond to critical situations — Thursday, Sept. 13.

The stamp will feature a representative digital illustration of three first responders as they race into action: a firefighter carrying an ax, an emergency medical services worker carrying a bag and a law-enforcement officer shining a flashlight.

The dark background and signs of smoke around the figures suggest the wide range of situations that demand the immediate attention of first responders.

The ranks of first responders include many different kinds of law enforcement professionals and public safety personnel, including air marshals, postal inspectors, transit police officers, park rangers and fish and game wardens.

The Postal Service will dedicate the stamp in Missoula, MT, at the Aerial Fire Depot and Smokejumper Center, where a group of firefighters who battle forest fires and other disasters is based.

The stamp will be available at Post Offices and usps.com.

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Mike Pulley

Too bad it couldn’t come out on 9/11


To bad they aren’t honoring the true first responder the 911 Operator that gets you the help you need and stays on the line with you til the other first responders arrive.